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North Cachar Hills

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Dima Hasao district ( erstwhile Septentrion Cachar Hills) is a pristine icon dreamland of undulating hills, valleys, gently fluent streams and waterfalls, where the really walkover that wafts across the field comic and bamboo forests is fragrant with smell of the orbit of which man and sensual active in perfect harmony with nature. It is the No.1 govern in Bharat with highest compactness of the assort of social tribes (15). A fascinating mosaic of ethnical, social and tribal mix, the group of Dima Haso symbolise all the values derivative from centuries of common extant in the lap of nature. Equally enticing is the assemblage and fauna of the discoverer, which has the illustrious Jatinga community where, drawn by both orphic alchemy of globe and sky, lost bird originate in thousands in the mirky months of September and October to bonzer kill accord.  
Though there is no honest Air lik to Dima Hasao dominion(district), 1 can fly up 2 Silchar or Guwahati or Dimapur from where light way end railway services to Haflong are accessible. Haflong is a splendiferous hill-station in State(assam), at an height of 680 m above sea construction. It is virtually 85 km northward of Silchar and 345 km from Guwahati.
Places of Interestingness ::
Jatinga ::
Meet 9 km from Haflong. Mankind(world) wide popular(famous) for shuttle secret (Birds Harakiri). The unsettled birds become during the months Lordly to Nov end it becomes the ornithologist's attractiveness. From the elevated surveillance rear 1 can see them yielding 2 their modification greet & their short plumage descending eat.
Maibang ::
Placed on the camber of the river Mahur end 53 km from Haflong. Maibang erstwhile flourished as the metropolis(small) of Dimasa, Kachari Orbit. Endocarp business & temple of Kachari clergyman & additional ruins of the sphere are the primary attractions of the property.
Panimoor ::
Roughly 120 km departed from Haflong, & 8 -10 km from Haflong Tiniali,The Kopili River turns into a exciting falls, rolling over the rocks of Panimoor.
Umrangso ::
112 km from Haflong & 224 km from Guwahati. The large Hydel position has travel up low Solon East galvanizing Land Corp(NEEPC0) with dams in the Kopili river. Neighbour Umrangso, there is a Hot fountain,the wet of which is believed to get healthful view.
Where 2 Stay ::
Haflong Tourist Accommodate, Eastern Hotel,Elite Hotel, Joyoswary Hotel,
Contact Being ::- Manager, Manas Nationalistic Parcel(park),
Superfine period 4 tour ::- Nov 2 Apr.

Location :- Home >> Dima hasao >> Assam, India
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