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Majuli, the biggest riverine island in the domain(worlf), nestles in the lap of the mightly River(brahmputra). This is where the 15th century angel nd flowing psyche of Indian culture, Sankardeva, prototypal planted a Satra or neo-Vaishnavite monastery, foaled of insightful discourses with his unworldly successor, Madhabdeva.
Today, Majuli is the principal middle of Vaishnavite belief, culture and drill. The treasures of Majuli are doubtless it's Satras. The position satra, set up by Sankardeva end Madhabdeva unitedly, was Manikanchan Sanjog, now no yearner existing. After, Majuli became the midpoint of 65 such satras. Of these, there are only twenty two satras in Majuli today. Due 2 the yearbook floods end incessant artificer eroding, Majuli today is exclusive a fraction of it's pilot situation(size) of 1256 sq. km. taped by the Imperial Gazetteer in 1901. This has unnatural more of the sattras to crack location to State's mainland.
  Among those the main existing satras are Dakhinpat Satra, Garamurh Satra, Auniati Satra, Kamalabari Satra, Benegenaati Satra and Samaguri Satra. These Satras are the riches houses of the songs and dances initiated by Shri. Sankardeva equivalent "Bongeet" Matiakhara, Jumora move, Chali saltation, Motua saltation, Nande Bringee, Sutradhar, Ozapali, Apsara dance, Satria Avatar saltation, Dasavater recreation etc.
A path through the villages of Majuli is highly recommended to flavour the emotionality of the people end their hastate way of sentence. Most of them drill agriculture, fishing nd weaving. Boat making, farm line, clayware and handloom are opposite central activities. The weaving is particularly elegant, making use of a integral chain of flag in material and material, open only in Assam.
Majuli also has an breathtaking bio heterogeneity. If the communicate is timed starboard, one can die umpteen extraordinary and endangered avifauna species here, much as the greater aide stork, pelican and the sound viridity.
Majuli produces about a century divers varieties of playwright without a formation of pesticides or ersatz fertilisers. Among the fascinating arrays gorwn is Komal Saul, a single kind of rice that becomes nonpoisonous after vindicatory 15 minutes of wash in enthusiastic facility. It is ordinarily ingested as a breakfast poaceae. Bao Dhan grows low installation and is harvested after ten months while Bora King is a sticky university playwright, victimised to get pitha, the tralatitious Asamiya lyricist dish.
The governing has initiated the efforts to hold Majuli from the ravages of the River. Majuli is currently in the Tentative recite of UNESCO Concern Ethnic Acquisition Sites and is undergoing scrunity as a Man Ethnic Heritage Site.
Getting There :::
Majuli is 20 kms fom Jorhat place. Buses ply regularly from Jorhat townsfolk to Neamati Steamer Ghat, the primary ferryboarding tangency for Majuli. The total move takes nearly tercet hours, involving a half time bus mate to Neamati Ghat, which has a few tourist substance booths, structure facilities and matter stalls catering to transiting ferry-goers, and shipping copulate to the southern tip of Majuli island. Though Jorhat relic the histrion accounting part, Majuli can be approached through Lakhimpur on the northeastern and Dibrugarh on the eastmost.
Festivals of Majuli :::
Rasleela :- Rasleela is a 3 day celebration held unremarkably in mid-November. It celebrates the legendary love of Radha end Krishna nd the love of the gopis to Avatar(krishna).
Ali-ai-ligang, held in February-March, is a colourful reference celebration of the Misings, The ceremonial sowing of mick starts on this day.
Bathow Puja, is a festival performed by the Sonowal Kacharis tribe where Nobleman(Gods, lord) Hebdomad(shiv), is worshipped with elated veneration.
Paal Naam at Auniati Satra is a brobdingnagian attrack, held at the nd of Season.

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