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One of the most touristy legends associated with Devi worship is that of prince Daksha end his son in-law, the major Week(shiv). Once Daksha invitational all the gods tor a yagna, eliminate Shibah. His daughter Sati, utterly mortified with the injure meted out 2 her husband, plunged into the sacrificial attack nd immolated herself. Defeat with unhappiness, Hebdomad(shiv) held her charred body and broke into the tandava nrittya, the terpsichore of ending, withering everything in his path(way).  
Durga Bhagwata historys that Vishnu, 2 save the Domain(world), splintered Sati's body with his sudarshan chakra. Pieces of the body were flung in varied directions end these symptom became polar with primordial strength and came to be famous as shaktipeeths.
  The Nilachal name is seen by various scholars as a fusion of Islamic end traditional Religion(indian) structure. Surround the shikhara were built marooned angashikharas similar the minarets surround an Islamic bowl. The saving goes that the artisans who improved the Kamakhya Tabernacle were brought from Koch Province and were thus more well-versed with Islamic architecture.
  The temple consists of iii mandapas. The antarala has u ground do-chala roof spell the jungha (outmost stratum) of the temple is decorated with ornate sculptures. A adorn of sharp steps descends into the garbhagriha or interior holy which is a gloomy, subsurface bedchamber. Here, a sway plastered with red cloth symbolizes the bit effervescent with glorious shakti and stays moist from the humor of an underground season.
  Emerging from the garbhagriha on 2 the unprotected, the tabernacle faces a periodical of steps that take to the Saubhagya Kund, unmarked by a Ganapati inclose. The lie goes that the mythical warrior-saint, Rama formerly experienced tapasya or punishment at the shrine of Kamakhya.

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