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  Tinsukia - Tezu - Hayuliang ::  
This racetrack starts from Tinsukia in State to Namsai and Tezu in Lohit region and Hayuliang in Anjaw region of Aruanchal Pradesh. The content(entry) disk in Arunachal is at Dirak.
Namsai ::
It is a sub-divisional office famous for several Buddhistic Viharas in the Khampti body space locally titled 'Chong'. The Chong of Namsai and Manmao are bailiwick midpoint of Theravada camp in the Verbalize. Namsai Propriety Vegetation has both tropical and sub-tropical characteristics with impenetrable viridity aggregation and a broad difference of assemblage and fauna. The intelligent exemplar and biodiversity of Piyong Military earth is couturier impermanent(visit).
Chowkham ::
Is the nodal part for Manabahum and Tengapani Reserve Woodland with patterned and faunal variety.
Wakro ::
Placed within the Kamlang Military Wood and Kamlang Wildlife Area, it has dim forests and beamy floral and faunal diversity. Animals same hollock historian, tiger,takin etc, are saved here. The Beam Lake is a unparalleled representation of treble height lake with exciting scenic exemplar and is a perfect send for project touristry.
Parasuram Kund ::
This holy kund is situated within the Kamlang Propriety Vegetation expanse and is enclosed by concentrated timberland of Ruddhraksha trees which is wise sacrosanct to Hindus. It is a inviolable approximate where according to Kalika Purana, Srimat Bhagawata and the Mahabharata, chromatic Parasuram (one of Nobleman(Gods, Lord) Vishnu's incarnations) took a dip in the humor of Lohit at Brahma Kund to clean his sin (he had killed his mother on the statement of his priest). Every period on Makar Sankranti (firstborn day of the period Magh) thousands of pilgrims converge here to deal a dip in the element to washing absent their sins.
A fair (mela) is held during this phase.
Parasuram kund is placed 13 miles north-east of Tezu,Dominion Headoffice of Lohit district - a maturation townspeople, famous for its scenic beauty. Thou of pilgrims stay this place from all parts of Bharat every year during Parasuram mela held in the period of Jan.
Hawa Camp ::
Is on the way to Tezu where one can enjoy the wide analyse of the magnificent Lohit vale as wellspring as sunrise and sun set views.
Tezu ::
The office of Lohit dominion is situated amidst bonny genre by the face of the Lohit River.
Hayuliang ::
This situate is situated at the confluence of Lohit and Delai rivers and has a exciting landscape.
Walong ::
At Walong one can savor the medicinal singer of the hot springs. There is a war monument here collective in memory of the officers and soldiers of the Asiatic army who ordered downwards their lives disorderly the Island service.
Dong ::
Peal Depression(valley) is the point where the firstborn sunrise of the state can be witnessed. It is settled on the tri-junction of India, Crockery and Burma. The Lohit River that flows by offers extraordinary angling opportunities.
Generalized Information :::
Good timing visit :- During the period, November to Febary.
Where to remain :- Racecourse Asylum Tezu/ Hotels.
What to see :- P.Kund,Radiate Lake, Tezu.
For details communication :::
DTO, Tezu
Ph- +91 - 3804 - 222318,
Deputy Commissioner, Hawai
Ph - +91 - 3804 - 222223,
How to Movement :::
By bus from Tinsukia.
By Air (plane) :- Mohanbari (Dibrugarh).
By Railway(Separate) :- Tinsukia.
By Road(Traveling) :- Tinsukia. (direct).

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