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  Malinithan is a temple position in ruins. It is situated at the measure of the Siang hills low the Likabali Sub-Division of Occident Siang Order(district) of Arunachal Pradesh. It is only 1 Km east of Likabali, the nearest administrative midpoint(centre). Relics of feminist images of Malinithan came to be noted from the earlier decennium of the say century. In action of broadcast of site from 1968 and termination 1971, ruins of temples and precious scriptures were unearthed at this tract. The renown of Malinithan as a holy determine of worship draws a giant determine of visitors and piligrims.  
The situation excavated has beautifully fashioned and decorated basement of a tabernacle, divine images, icons of deities, animallike motifs and floral designs, inscribed columns and panels. These sumptuous granite sculptures belong to 14 -15 century , the solon important existence Indra on Airavat, Surya on Chariot and large Nandi bunkum. The tabernacle devoted to Goddess Durga at Malinithan is collective on the definitive tradition of Orissa.
According to the localized story related with the point(space), Lord Avatar(krishna) carried forth Rukmini the girl of Contender(king) Bhismaka on the eve of her wedding(marriage) with Shishupal. Krishna and Rukmini were welcomed here by Annapurna(sati, parvati) with garlands. Anapurna(parvati) thus acquired the gens Malini and the point Malinithan.common(garden).
Generalized Collection :::
Top Timing see :- Throughout the assemblage.
What to see :- Ancient ruins of 14-15th century.
Where to rescript :- At Likabali : Racecourse House.
How to Make ::
By bus or car from Guwahati(Assam), by bus from Itanagar,
Air (plane) :- Helipad at Along, Mohanbari(Assam).
Railway(Separate) :- Silapathar, Assam.
Road(Traveling) :- Silapathar, Assam.

Location :- Home >> Malinithan >> Arunachal pradesh, India
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