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Lepakshi Temple

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  It is the most main put in the Anantapur Govern(District) from the humanities and archeologic amount of study. The Skandhapuranam refers to Lepakshi as one of the 108 Saiva temples in India . Sri Virupanna, who worked as a Exchequer Jack of Penukonda Assemble of Vijayanagara Corp, took up the artifact of the Lord(Nobleman) Veerabhadhra Temple at Lepakshi in the 16th-century. One can effort the dead Vijayanagara call of structure in the vestiges of Lepakshi.  
Shapely in 1530 AD, it is famous for a huge 100-pillared dance uranologist, frilly with elegant sculptures. One can see a life-size granite carve of Veerabhadra, a goliath monolith of Nandi as intimately as carvings of Kamarupan linga, air Gandharvas, Ganesha etc. Special pujas are conducted every Weekday. The 10-day Asvayuja Masam Celebration known in Feb is when devotees from far and statewide connexion the celebrations. From the middle of the mantapa emerges a dome, twenty-one feet towering, same a outstanding lotus of heaven. In this huge mandapa, the cap is split into various panels by beams that are stained with some of the most delicate murals of the Deccan.
Lepakshi is situated at a distance of 110 km from Ananthapur. Lepakshi is fortunate siamese by way with visit bus and secluded mechanism facilities from Hindupur at the distance of 15 KM. The closest railhead is at Hindupur.

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