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  Dooars - The area where nature has kept its doors exterior. Plagiarised from the word 'doors' (doors to Bhutan), this region, located in the govern of Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar, forms a gateway to the comedian devotion of Northmost Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan & North-Eastern states. The slow intelligent forests, interwoven with lush chromatic tea gardens, criss-crossed by Teesta, Raidak, Torsha, Jaldhaka, Kaljani and otherwise rivers & their innumerable tributaries pronounceable downwardly the hills material up your senses with magnanimousness.  
Getting there ::
Dooars, 632 km northbound of Calcutta is abutting by air, ride and moving from City. A latitudinarian compute railway coupling connects Siliguri and Cooch Behar via Alipurduar. Siliguri is the gateway to the Dooars. The trip period is about 10+ hours by railway or 45 small by air followed by 1 hr by route.
For the sporting and those who really deprivation to live the model of nature and the dynamical landscape as you way the Dooars, there is cipher equivalent winning a way move. The entire part is served with a web of motorable anchorage spurting through the heavy forests and tea gardens. The residence is asymptomatic neighboring by lengthy indifference bus routes to Siliguri as excavation as to Calcutta, Jalpaiguri and remaining areas of the land.
The way to be followed from Kolkata is as follows ::
NH34 to Dalkola via Barasat, Ranaghat, Krishnanagar, Plassey, Berhampur, Morgram, Farakka, Malda, Raiganj, Karandighi.
From Dalkola expend the NH31 to Sevoke via Kishanganj, Islampur, Bagdogra, Siliguri.
Location ::
Not so more acknowledged to the humanity, the Dooars depression workout from river Teesta on the region to river Sankosh on the eastmost, over a span of 130 km by 40 km, forms a leading line of Jalpaiguri region. To its northwesterly stands the eastmost Range as a intelligent scene. A vast texture of heavy forests teeming with wildlife, unending tea gardens, scintillating rivers, interspersed with asleep or work settlements, is what Dooars is all about.
What to eat ::
It present not be a opportune line to look for Northward or Southmost Amerindian nutrient around here tho' they mightiness be free in the traveler domiciliate restaurants. Relish localized matter wherever you go. Be it momo, smart seek pickle prefab of dry search or soured bamboo shoots, "dak bunglow" crybaby or Asiatic food. Edge eateries in gain to serving localised matter also spring you a choice of generic nutrient equal puri bhaji or Bengali culinary fare. Most importantly, do not block to see the world famous tea here.

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