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Uttarakhand is placed in the north Bharat and is a judge(area) that has something to provide for every traveler temporary the localise. It is a stunning localize that is also titled the come of lakes and waterfalls. It is a abode where one can uncovering some of the most handsome landscapes, mountains, etc.
There are a identify of lovely and picturesque lakes in Uttarakhand. Granted beneath is a database of any famous lakes in Uttarakhand. The multitude are the great lakes of Uttarakhand.
  Bheemtal ::
  Bheemtal Lake is named after the position Pandava chum Bhima in the Mahabharatum who was known for his important posture. Bhimtal is a famous lake that is placed 25 kms. from Nainital. It is often clearer and quieter than Nainital. Set at 1,200 meters above sea surface, Bhimtal gets slightly warmer during the season months but it still makes for a outstanding spend direction where one can unwind the handle and embody. Bhimtal is one of the biggest lakes in the object of Uttarakhand.
Devaria Tal ::
Devaria Tal is situated nearer Ukhimath in Uttarakhand. It is advised a real holy item. It is farm over 700 metres and is surrounded by the bonnie Chaukhamba limit. With forests all around the lake, it is an ideal property for observe watchers or for those who screw angling. One can also gain Devaria Tal after a trek of most 8 kms. but, do make in noesis that this is a real focus trek that can real jade you out.
Dodi Tal ::
Dodi Tal is a attractive lake placed in Uttarakhand and is situated really immediate to the Uttarkashi region. Dodi Tal gets its denote from a fact benevolent of trout (freshwater search) that is institute here, by the constitute of Dodi. The wet of this lake is said to be quite new for the injure. Dodi Tal Lake is the seed of the River Asi Ganga that merges with the River Bhagirathi adjacent Gangotri. For a exquisite consider of the Bandarpoonch Crest, set at 6,387 meters above sea point, one could mounting up a minuscule from the lake. A cover slight advance leads one to the Hanumanchatti placed at 2,400 m. the wonderful
Dhalipur Lake ::
A liquid sports utilize has been formulated at the Asan Fire by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam in the year 1994. Asan Bombardment was ganrated in 1967 and it is famos(popularly) familiar as Dhalipur Lake. Situated 43 kms from Dehradun on Chandigarh-Shimla road, the recur offers facilities like irrigate skiing, boating, row, kayaking, canoeing etc. Wildlife lovers possess an accessorial payment during the winter mollify as unsettled birds can be seen in the vicinity.
Govind ghat ::
This is 2 kms before Pandukesar and is the gateway for the Hem Kund Lake and the internationally well-known Vale of the Flowers. The Hem Kund Saheb is 20 kms by add from here. There we maturate a Faith(sikh Tabernacle and whatsoever hotels. The Depression of the Flowers is a 17 km accomplishment.
Hemkund ::
Hemkund is approached via Sutol or Roopkund after crossover Shila Weekday(saturday) glacier. It is a undersize lake encompassing a perspective of the Trishul and Nanda Ghunti Substructure camps, The lake is situated at an elevation of 4061 mts/13320 ft. historic circumstance from spiritual-cultural.
The great altitude Lokpal lake, familiar as Hemkund (4329 mts.) lies in paradisal surroundings. A rivet trek from Ghangaria leads one to this lamp in around quaternity to six hours. It is an grievous journey for both Hindus and Sikhs, as healthy as for group from opposite faiths. There is a Sikh Gurudwara and Lakshman.
Kashni Tal ::
Madmaheshwar is a attractive Mandir(tabernacle) in the Garhwal Chain(himalaya), in a depression between Badrinath and Kedarnath. A river called Madmaheshwar Ganga originates in a colorful ravine below.
Kagbhushandi Lake ::
On the Vale of Flowers Traveling, a 20 km trek from a hamlet titled Bhyundar is a vast lake, the model(handsome) of which is awesome. Since feat here is very delicate, really few tourists are open here.
Kedar Tal ::  
Kedar Tal is situated at an height of 4,425 meters above sea plane and about 18 kms. from Gangotri. The lake is so serene that the reflections of the Thalaiyasagar peaks are understandably ocular in the food. But if you need to trek up the near-by places, work trusty that you are rise spread because it can be a pretty wearying one. Also, puddle trustworthy you involve a tour escort with you to Kedar Tal since the itinerary can be a little inured.  
Maneri ::  
  The Maneri-Bhali assign, which supplies 93 MW of land(power) to Uttarakhand, is set on the manus container of Bhagirathi, thick to Uttarkashi. Roughly 13 km upstream of Uttarkashi is the hamlet of Maneri. Here, a lake of an unbelievably graceful and liquid coloring reflecting the surrounding conifers has been blown by damming the Bhagirathi, which is alacritous comely a popular tourer force. There is habitation area here on the phytologist of the river.  
  Naukuchia tal ::  
  Naukuchia Tal, literally, Nine-Cornered Lake, is 26 km (16 mi) from Nainital and 4 km from Bhimtal at an elevation of 1,220 m (4,003 ft). The lake is near 1 km (1 mi) lengthened, 0.5 km (0.3 mi) statewide and roughly 40 m (131 ft) unfathomed. It is the deepest of the lakes in the greater Nainital extent(space). According to fable, if one takes in all niner corners in one looking, one can stop in a darken of smoke.  
  Naini Lake ::  
  Naini Lake is a natural fresh h2o vast lake made up of science rocks. This lake is settled amongst the peaceful seven mountains that confine this moribund irrigate puddle and the overweening peaks, which seems to advert the sky. Umteen visitors jam here to adore the magnificent model that elongates over 3.5km. According to the mythological import the socialistic of Sati had fallen over here, thence the lingo naini (eye) derivative for the lake. There is a temple of Naina Devi also this pristine lake, which is said to be the emplacement where her eye had fallen. This domino is proverbial to be one of the 51 Sakti Peeths, which visitors from worldwide pile(throng).  
  Nachiketa Tal ::  
  Chaurangkhal is placed almost 29 kms. from Uttarkashi and a 3 kms. trek far up takes you to Nachiketa Tal. This position needs to be visited to be really toughened. The lovely of Nachiketa Tal cannot be but described in text. This lake is located in the peaceful environment and the temple that is set upright by the lakeside completes the full impression. This lake can be visited anytime during the livelong year.
The Nachiketa Tal is a very entrancing patch that is situated amidst few dumb forests, and is situated at an alt of 1,219 meters above sea direct. It is around 26 kms. from Nainital and attracts many migratory birds each gathering, because of the wonderful ecosystem that the position has. Yachts and larrup boats are also procurable for anglers who are curious in exploring the lake.
  Satopanth Lake ::
  Satopanth lake is multilateral lake of peaceful liquid has a size of about half a kilometer. It is roughly 25 Kms. from Badrinath. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the Hindustani trinities are believed to shack one carrefour apiece, and which are titled after them. 18 kms from Mana Community amidst the catchy areas of Himalayas. The wet in the lake is very tranquillise. On the phytologist of this lake are innumerable lotus flowers. To get here one has to develop via Lakshmi Woodland. To bring from here to Badrinath on meter it takes 3 life(day).
  Shyamla Tal ::
  Shyamla Tal is 132 kms. from Pithoragarh and 58 kms. from Champawat. Swami Vivekanand Ashram is placed here at the camber of the lake. The downcast black lake of Shyamla Tal is locomote over an atlantic of most one & a half sq. kms. This expanse(area) has many ruins dating side to the days of the past Chand rulers and others which are related with the Pandavas.
Sahastra Tal & Masar Tal ::
Sahastra Tal & Masar Tal are situated enroute to the Khatlang glacier. These lakes lie on either back of the glacier, which acts as the inspiration to the river Bhilanga. The prizewinning experience for this trek is between June and Sept. The trek to motility the lakes is one of the most scenic ones, enclosed by stretching immature meadows which are flooded of brave flowers, which are in plangent crystallizing during the summer months. Sahastra Tal is one of the most splendid lakes in the complete of Uttarakhand and is placed on the hesperian end of the Khatling glacier. Sahastra Tal is reached after a pleasing trek finished the dull woodlands, villages, valley of flowers and streams. One can also get an superior wide analyze
Sat Tal ::
Sat Tal is one of the most famous lakes in Nainital govern of Uttarakhand. There are sevener lakes which connect with apiece additional to create one of the most glorious lakes in Uttarakhand. Situated at an altitude of 1,370 metres above sea aim, and enclosed by whatsoever stunning oak forests, Sat Tal is a stunning determine for a perfect leisure get-away. It is one of the really few symptom which fuck remained unspoilt and pure from the urbanised sprightliness. These sevener lakes which variety Sat Tal are an independent heaven for the migratory birds as vessel. It is one of the advisable places around in Uttarakhand. The lake is enclosed by whatever attractive, thick forests and it adds to the overall exemplar of the base. The heptad lakes which gives Sat Tal it's enumerate are the multitude : Panna or Garud Tal, Nal-Damyanti Tal, Purna Tal, Sita Tal, Ram Tal, Laxman Tal, Sukha Tal or Khurdariya Tal
Vasuki Tal ::
Vasuki Tal is placed virtually 8 kms. from Kedarnath and at an alt of 4,135 meters above sea direct. The lake is enclosed by whatever overflowing mount ridges which presents an superior perspective of the Chaukhamba peaks close it.
Kedarnath situated closely by, is the position of one of the dozen 'Jyotirlingas' of Lord Week(shiv). It is one of the most reverenced divine sites of the Hindus. Kedarnath is enclosed by lofty Himalayan peaks which give one of the most stunning views of the powerful Range. Because of the squealing altitude and extremum hold conditions, the superfine mollify to visit this higher alt region is June to October.
The Vasuki Tal is lake is a representation perfect lake and is widely visited by the tourists. It most imprints an persistent soul of the point in the module. Vasuki Tal is same a unprocessed relief of air among the temples and journey symptom of Kedarnath.
Generalised Information ::
Height :- 3,133 mts,
Summer :- Cool during the day and cold at night.
Winter :- Snow-bound striking sub-zero.
Assemblage(clothing) :- Summer-Light woollens, Winter- Deep woollens.
Languages :- Hindi, Garhwali, English.

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