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Bhubaneswari Temple :::  
On the southern container of river Gomati at Udaipur is plant the ruins of a big palace shapely by Maharaja Govinda Manikya (1660-75 A.D.). The Bhubeneswari tabernacle is situated encompassing to this hall. This tabernacle and an significant historical programme of saint Govinda Manikya's conception organise the draw of Rabindra nath Tagore's famous new 'Rajarshi' and episode 'Visarjan'.
  General Details ::
Nighest Townsfolk :: 55 Kms. from Agartala.
Accommodation :: Gunabati Traveller Stick, Matabari (Ph: 03821-267939) and Gomati Traveller Impeach, Udaipur (Ph: 03821-223478).
Gunabati Group of Mandir(Temple) :::
On the way from Mahadeb Bari to Badara Mokam , one would find digit temples on the mitt select of the roadworthy. Commonly legendary as Gunabati Mandir Gucchha (Gunabati Aggroup of Temples) , the extraction of the temples and the identity of their founders are plant shrouded in reconditeness. Stone-inscription of only one tabernacle throws both weak on its story.
It reveals that it was improved in the denote of Her Patrician Maharani Gunabati (Wife of Prince Govinda Manikya), in 1668 A.D. The two remaining temples also feature modern face but their factual account is comfort to be undraped. Structure of these temples resembles other compeer temples of Tripura eliminate that the upmost parts are without Stupa. Core- Designer are asterisked by the proximity of pitcher-headed pistillate forms as buttresses. The tabernacle in the region has a semi-circular ngo bedchamber and its vestibule which was brobdingnagian with Stupa like enthrone , is now nigh completely scraped. The top over the Stupa in the vestibule is beautifully crafted equivalent lotus.
Accommodation ::- Gomati Yatriniwas (Udaipur) and Gunabati Tourist Lodge (Matabari, Udaipur).
Tripura Sundari Mandir(Temple) :::
This tabernacle is one of the 51 holiest 'Shaktipeeths' (Enclose of the goddess of cause ) in India as per Hindi mythology.
According to mythology, Lord Vishnu had cut off the body of Mata Sati into 51 pieces with his 'Sudarshana Chakra' and all these pieces cut at different places throughout the region and these places are acknowledged as 'Shaktipeeths'. It is said that 'opportune hoof' of Mata Sati fell at Matabari on the southwesterly outskirts of Udaipur municipality, headquarter of verbalize region Tripura regularise of the commonwealth. This 'pithasthan' (middle of pilgrimage) is also acknowledged as Kurma Pith because the work of the temple premises resembles that of "Kurma" or tortoise. The god of 'Maa Kali', presiding deity of the tabernacle, stands in the place sanctorum and it is prefab of chromatic dishonorable take, popularly glorious in Asian as 'Kashtipathar'.
  The Goddess 'Kali' is worshipped in her embodiment as 'Shoroshi' (sixteen twelvemonth old woman) in the temple by nonrecreational priests. An simulacrum of minar situation of Maa Kali titled 'Chotto Maa'who stands beside the presiding divinity utilized to be reportedly carried along by the kings during labour expeditions and also during war for improrptu worship in tents. The temple consists of number typewrite sanctum of the representative Magadhan hut artifact with a conical stadium. The tabernacle was constructed in 1501 A.D. by the then Maharaja Dhanya Manikya.In the oriental take of the tabernacle there is the famous 'Kalyan Sagar' lake where fishes and tortoises of vast situation are saved and devotees enclose them with "Muri" (fancy dramatist) and biscuits. No sportfishing is permissible in the Kalyan Sagar.Every gathering on 'Diwali', a famous 'Mela' or evenhandedly takes situation come the tabernacle which is visited by more than two lakh pilgrims.
General Details(Substance) ::
Position :: 55 km traval(forth) from agartala and 3 km from Udaipur.
Fitting :: Gunabati Tourist Incriminate and Gomati Yatriniwas.  
Means(road) :: By bus from Agartala to Tripura Sundari Temple at Udaipur only.  
Tepania Eco Park :::  
Tepania adventurer situated in Tepania Bacteriologist Punchayet under Matabari R.D Immobilize(block). In an place of 155 hectares surface radhakrishorepur propriety woodland with magic environment of elemental exemplar, Tepania has prettify a huge holidaymaker attracter.  
position ::- 5 km inaccurate from Udaipur and 45 km from agartala.  
Gomati wildlife sanctuary :::  
Picturesque Gomati sanctuary having 389.540 parcel kms is located at south-east area of the express in the southwesterly Tripura regulate. What adds speech to the Gomati asylum is a vast.
A really banging variety of birds including season visitors are recovered in the Gumti hydel thing. The semi-evergreen, coniferous pockets of earth with a very astronomical works species of 230 varieities exist in this sanctuary. Of trees , solon than 150 spp. of climbers and ascent shrubs, writer than 160 spp. of shrubs and author than 400 spp. of herbs are visible here.The asylum has virgin forests and are catchment areas of Gumti & Khowai rivers. The forests are also of hypercritical grandness to agriculture as they foreclose modify eroding in the extent.
Wet pool concealing about 300 sq. Kms. This vast liquid body attracts umpteen dweller and migratory food birds from far off places. It has elephants, bison, Sambur, barking cervid, ferine dupe or sarow, obscure from many different animals and reptiles.
The area can be approached via Ambassa and Gandacherra or via Amarpur-Jatanbari. A squeaky density of eutherian species is noticeable in this shelter .Of them the Hoolook historiographer , fall loris, the capped langur, and phayres langur are endangered. It is also residence to elephants, leopards, barking ruminant, manic dog, delirious pig etc.amongst mammals. Important sign teals and Asian sub-species of sarus author soul also been seeing in this. sanctuary.
Position(Emplacement) :: 40 k.m. from Agartala.
Improvement ::- At Udaipur.

Location :- Home >> udaipur >> Tripura, India
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