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Pilak :::  
The site of a society which flourished during 8-12 centuries of the Religion era has been a trough of civilization of heterodox creeds and sects representing both Indian(Faith) i.e. Shiva, Surya, Baishnabi and Faith i.e. Buddhism, Mahayana, Bajrayana which feature testimony to dovish co-existence of the two cultures.
  The great places are Shyam Sundar Tilla, Deb City, Thakurani Tilla, Balir Pathar, Basudev Bari and Sagar Deba. The art change and style followed in the making of the images and in the sculptures materialise to fuck device resemblance to the shapely and architectural music of the Palas and Guptas of Bengal. Affect of Arakan, Burma (formerly Burma) and anaesthetic call is discernable in the configuration and communication of Pilak images and form. The separate of rock-cut images and terracotta plaques are falsification distributed in different places of the atlantic.
The place has been under the like of Anthropology Canvass(survey) of Bharat(India). The molded terracotta plaques accept resemblance to moulded plaques recovered from Paharpur and Mainamati. The Buddhistic Complicated here may be assigned a comrade between 9th and 10th century A.D. During production in the late sixties, Archeological Survey of India (ASI) aggroup plant out brick improved 'stupas'. Archaeological Summary of India has plans to do both many digging to uncover the invisible ethnical acquisition of the area. It may be presumed that the large plains of Tripura were under the control of individual dynasties who ruled in Oriental Bengal and Samatata in ancient phase. Whatsoever of them were Buddhists and the others were Hindus. Most of these rulers had their capitals adjacent this part. The ancient kingdom of Pattikera had its uppercase in Comilla location and Pilak is not really far from Comilla.
How to Make ::
Nighest Townspeople ::- Santibazar, 19 kms, Jolaibari, 2 kms.
Moving(road) ::- The Road to Agartala, 100 kms, Udaipur 61 kms and Jolaibari 2 kms.
Advance ::- Pilak Holidaymaker Habitation (Jolaibari), Pilak Pantha Niwas (Bagafa) and Manu Yatriniwas (Manu Bazar).
Dumboor Lake :::

Dumboor Lake is a charming liquid embody placed in amarpur Sub League 120 Km. gone from Agartala. The sensing of the lake is similar tabour molded smaller beat, "Dumboor" of Noble Shiva from which the lingo "Dumboor" originates.
A monolithic and breathtaking installation embody of 41 sq.km. with an unending speech of luxuriant gullible accumulation all around stands majestic for her extremely wizardly model and 48 islands in the inside of the lake.

Migratory birds and nutrient sports facilities are further attractions. There is a Hydel Impel neighbor the lake from where River Gomati originates and this is called Tirthamukh where on 14th January every gathering famous 'Pous Sankranti Mela' takes site.
The lake is the conflux of rivers Raima and Sarma. Various species of unsettled birds are overt in the season and it has loaded lake of spontaneous and cultured fishes. In one of the island "Narkel Kunja" has been formed.
General Details ::
Closest Town ::- From Agartala 120 Kms., Udaipur 60 Kms., Amarpur 31 Kms. and Jatanbari 11 Kms.
Advance ::- Raima Traveller Wedge at Jatanbari.

Location :- Home >> jolaibari >> Tripura, India
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