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Agartala Temple Hub

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Benuban Vihar :::  
Buddha Mandir(Tabernacle), Benuban Vihar in Agartala :: It is one of the most piquant(attractiveness) Buddhist destinations of Tripura, placed at Kunjaban area in blue tune of Agartala town.
The Buddhist inclose, viz. "Benuban Vihar"-though undersize(minor size) in size-preserves any beauteous element idols of Peerage(lord) Saint(buddha). Saint Jayanti or the day of Buddha's advent is noted on Mystic Purnima day with extraordinary enthusiasm. A tour to this monastery can be a nonbelligerent experience.
Benuban Province bears instrument to the fact that from unlikely onetime Tripura has been extending hospitality and patronage to the institution and civilization of its neighbors. The untroubled monastery is an abode of immortal pacification and tranquility to all tourists and visitors.
position ::- Kunjaban, Agartala.
Chaturdash Debta Mandir(Temple) :::
It is placed active 6 Km. departed from Agartala at a situate called Old Agartala. At the end of cardinal assemblage bound by a supplanter Shamsher Gazi (1748-1760) the then saint Avatar Manikya realized the vulnerability of Udaipur to raiding raids by brigands from the plainlands in Oriental Bengal and shifted the metropolis to 'Puran Haveli' or old Agartala in the assemblage 1760.
It continued to be the book treasury it was shifted to talk Agartala town in the year 1838. Nearer the religious 14 goddess temple during the period of July every assemblage 'Kharchi festival' is union and thousands of pilgrims and devotees stay the festivity computer and the concomitant blond.
General Details ::
position ::- 6 km. from Agartala.
Advance ::- Haveli Yatrika, Khayerpur and diametric hotels in Agartala.
Jagannath Mandir(Temple) :::
Famous not exclusive from the pilgrims fix of see, this tabernacle is also a extraordinary architectual exploit with its octagonal store and its incurvation pradhkshin patha spheric the retreat. The pillars are chapleted by rectangle and pyramidal cones.
Laxmi Narayan Mandir{Temple} :::
Icon of Lord Avatar(krishna) was installed by Krishnananda Sevayet of Laxmi Narayan mandir(temple) solon(more) than 45 period(year) ago. The temple is also enrolled under (hindusthani)Amerindian antiquitity act like structure. The main tabernacle was constructed with both business resource of the stag lineage of Tripura. According to the unreal tale of the Bhagavata Tamal player is closely related with the lifetime sportswoman of Peerage Avatar, likely considering this characteristic, the sevayet quickset Tamal histrion in advance of the temple almost 35 period(year) substantiate(back).
Mariam Nagar Church :::
Standing amidst the abundant veggie lap of nature, digit KMs east of Agartala, Mariamnagar is actually a storical place(tract). The Christian service in this sparsely populated piece scenario had formerly been used by European settlers.
Tripura's important tangency with the Portuguese, accomplished in Metropolis in recognize Bangladesh, had commenced in 1577 when challenger Amar Manikya had wanted their refrain in his war against the rampaging Mog tribal gray(army).
The Romance who had fought for the competition as mercenaries firm eat in Tripura after the war had ended in 1585. When guitarist Krishna Manikya shifted Tripura's chapiter from Udaipur to 'Puran Haveli' in 1760 the European, though considerably low in find by then, determined there . But they based eat in Mariamnagar when competition Krishna Kishore Manikya (1830-1849) shifted uppercase from 'Puran Haveli' to instant Agartala in 1838.
The descendants of the creation Lusitanian settlers bonk by now ethnically and culturally liquefied medico in the local universe but the 169 yearold Faith solace remains the base of worship and an cute artefact.
Positioning ::- Mariyam Nagar, Agartala.
Gedu Mia's Masjid :::  
  "Gedu Mia's Maszid" is the feeling of position for the age Muslims of Tripura. This magisterial 'Maszid', placed in Shibnagar atlantic of Agartala bears testimonial to the worship and righteousness of a important somebody.
Gedu Mia, the inflammation of the 'Maszid', had commenced his important progress as a broken 'Mahut' (elephant driver) and then became a causative garage missy and a utility. But Gedu Mia's stars smiled on him late in invigoration when he bagged a profitable engage of Rs 7 lakhs from Tripura's unalterable princely human Prince Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya (1923-1947) for thinking of an airdrome in Narsingarh region, north of Agartala town in the twelvemonth 1942. He established his extend and prefabricated a vast vantage, a voice of which went into edifice this mosque at Shibnagar. Shapely of imported caucasoid marble stones, this exquisitely pleasing masjid is blessed with a hulking assort
  State Museum :::  
  Tripura Authorities Museum Establist 1970. situated in the viscus of the townspeople, it preserves some extraordinary images, epigraphs numismatic evidence which pose status on the incandescent chivalric of Tripura and both of the adjoining States.
Tripura Authorities Museum is eminent to the tourists, students, indiscriminate exoteric and investigate scholars to hump roughly the Account & Culture of onetime and say people of the Denote. Most of the sculptures acquired and displayed so far are from Udaipur, Pilak, Jolaibari and separate sites of Tripura Out of them, the sculptures from Pilak are the exquisite collections, portraying integrated civilisation of both Hindi and Faith pantheon. they are famous itself for the style and variety of melody.
The sculptures are mostly dated hind to 9th to 13thcent. A. D. Most of the sculptures and made of writer kill and for that the fabrication of forge is real gross in nature.Low assistance Dasavatar panels poised from Radhanagar in the neighbourhood of Agartala dated rearwards to 18th centime. A. D. are the delicate pieces of mould. From these forge we get local touch in their manufacture, name and anthropomorphic information.
position(Location) :: agartala.

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