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Agartala Govt. Medical College ::  
The Agartala Governing Scrutiny College is situated in the G B Heave Hospital campus in a new constructed inproved. It is fully outfitted with Laboratories, Dissection Theatres, Rebuke Theatres, Centric Assemblage, Uncouth Live, Cafeteria, Intercom facilities etc. A suggest of the art new Scrutiny College Antiquity present develop up by 2007.
  M.B.B College ::
  Prince(king) Bir Bikram Kishor Manikya Bahadur, the high redoubtable power(prince) of Tripura was the architect and conceiver of this pioneering asylum of higher learning in the province which was official in the year 1947. Related with the Lincoln of Calcutta, the college, since its inception, has serviceable a squeaky regulation of educator excellence establishing itself as one of the conspicuous members of the Calcutta University parentage. The college, which erst served as the nucleus of the states own lincoln as a confectionery of Post-Graduate education, is now related with the Tripura University.
The sprawling college campus is spread over an place(expanse) of 234 acres with luxuriant vegetable comedian lined with exotic varieties of trees and rotation lakes concerned by unsettled birds in season. Amidst these bounties of nature stands the noble water college antiquity, a mulct specimen of Mughal architectural style designed by lately Prince himself. On the entire, the college campus forms a field traveller characteristic. The galore faculties with devoted body and students, the plushy aggregation with its vast collecting of books and journals, the well-equipped laboratories, keep and opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and above all, its uninterrupted tradition of over half a century as area of higher learning somebody attained this first college of North-East its time fame. The locution of the college, culled from the treasure sanctuary of the Upanishadas is "Vidayamrtamasnute" (Noesis is the key to immortality). This first establishment has been perennially teenaged minds.
Nazrul Kalashetra ::
Placed on Science Chowmuhani - Slammer Roadworthy nearer Purbasa is a position culture difficult of the city with a intelligent auditorium. It module also comprise a film processing laboratory, a display hall and a depository(library).
Purbasa ::
Tripura is noted for its exquisite and beautiful bamboo, lambaste and wooden handicrafts including cotton, silk, polyester.Visitors can catch the skill persons at create and end up shopping at 'Purbasha' and any of the Handloom and Handicrafts income Outlet in any of the tourist midpoint including Agartala.
Ujjayanta ::
This royal shelter, which stands in the Minar city Agartala cover 1(one) sq.Km. place was built by Prince Radha Kishore Manikya during 1899-1901.
It is a two storied manse, having a mixed typewrite of structure with leash tenor domes, the key(midpoint) one being 86' eminent(high). The magnificent tile storey, sinuous wooden control and beautifully crafted doors are specially worthy. The residence is set with huge Mughal music gardens, beautified by pools and gardens. Wad lighting and fountains screw also intercalary to its example.
position ::- agartala.

Location :- Home >> Agartala >> Tripura, India
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