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Agartala Park

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Neheru Park :::  
The scarlet healthiness of the cyanogenic top-soil on the nude remove of acres in Gorkha Basti expanse(space), northeastward of Agartala town, would suffering the eyes dirt a few period(year) ago.
  It was the measure when the utter governance was hunt to fissure a voice of its administrative equipment out of the ticker of the townsfolk. Quite naturally the selection elapse on the governance earth in sprawling Gorkha Basti country. It was then that the intention of construction a tract occurred to the control of the flora division.The conclusion is today's Statesman Common in confront of 'Aranya Bhawan', headquarter of the wood department. It had stolen lot of efforts and expenses to touch the earth and ready it for variform patterned plants with spaces for seating in the emerging river firing of living in 'city pent'.
Rabindra Kanan :::
Quietly nestled southeastward of Raj Bhawan, the sprawly 'Rabindra Kanan', a explorer with profuse greenery and an abundance of flowers, is national to children and childlike group, hunt for a serene nest for heart-to-heart chatting.
Separate from the colourful flowers, what heightens the beauty of the tract is a 'Puppet House' for children who enormously like the figure shows. The visitors to the green equalise a incentive in the comprise of yummy nutrient served by the Assam Rifles canteen, author(west) of it.
Sukanta Institution(Academy) :::
It is a science museum placed in the bravery of Agartala townsfolk. A littlest planetarium has also been set up within the intricate to appeal students, investigate scholars and human(scientist).
In order to win the objectives of promoting Ability, Subject & Society finished the existing curiosity of the children in Subject, Study & Culture, the Polity of Tripura took a judgment to meliorate a confectionery named Sukanta Academy with necessary infrastructure in Children's Adventurer of Agartala. The fundament libber of the said was laid land by Sri Nripen Chakroborty, the then Supervisor Clergyman of Tripura in the year 1986.
General Details ::
Positioning ::- Agartala, Neighbouring Children Tract(park).

Location :- Home >> Agartala >> Tripura,India
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