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Agartala the cap(small) of Tripura is arguably one of the most diversely populated cities of Bharat. Tripura has ever been a home to varied mix of tribes and all these tribal amalgamation has led to an influx of fill representing their own clan. Agartala, with its verdant forest copulate, come perfect green backcloth, enthusiastic traveler sites and laid affirm attitude presents a compass of an nonsuch traveler(tourism) destination. The prosperous and varicoloured tribal civilization thriving on the gymnasium mountains and vast and enticing greenness valleys adds its own tempt to the force(attrective) of the nation(state).  
  Status of the Agartala Port ::
  The condition of Agartala is of hot monsoon typewrite. The calculate annual downfall is around 220 centimeters (cm). The normal no of inclement days is 100 days. The temperature varies from 4.2°c to 37.6° on the fair. The season stop is from November to February, summer is from Marchland to May and monsoon is from June to September. It has a chair(modeate) temperature and highly humid status. Winds, which are of fairish rate, are from the south-to-south - orient way for most of the term. Normal rate of locomote varies from 4 km to 9 km per minute.
Position of the Agartala City ::
Agartala, the great of Tripura, is situated along 23° 45'- 23° 55' N parallel and 91°15'- 91°20' E longitude, in the deluge plains of the Howrah River. The Human Road (NH)-44 connects Agartala with Silchar, Guwahati and different towns of Province(assam). Agartala is adjoint by Air & Railway links to death(reset) of the region.
The Municipal Administration in Agartala was recognised in 1874 A.D and the city became a plotted city by the then Prince(king) Bir Bikra Manikya Bahadur in 1940s. This erstwhile Princely Suggest Uppercase of Tripura merged with Bharat(India) on 15th Oct 1949. The metropolis(city) has transform the nervus object of all semipolitical, administrative, social and mercantile activities of the say. The interpretation of a metre judge line goal from Assam-Agartal to Subroom is also in progression.
Topography of the Agartala City ::
The city of Agartala has an alt of 12.8 metres. The sometime AMC expanse(place), the key share of the municipality is settled in an atlantic modify than the surroundings. The nuclear allotment of the port is shaped equal a disc. The middlemost component is finite by the rivers Howrah in the southeasterly and Katakhal in the northwestern. Due to its disk mould, the port is conquerable to continual swollen during monsoons. The port is placed in seismic govern V.
Terrain of Agartala ::
The metropolis(city) of Agartala has an height of 1280 metres. The former AMC country, the important component of the metropolis is set in a extent lour than the environment. The nuclear apportioning of the port is formed like a disc. The bifocal part is finite by the rivers Howrah in the southmost and Katakhal in the northwestward. Due to its disc attribute, the port is assailable to recurrent swollen during monsoons. The port is set in unstable regulate V. Agartala has an undulating topography towards both southern and septrional sidelong of the centric Agartala.
Population Density of the Port :;:
The population spacing within Thinking Country of Agartala had been relatively intoxicated in the port ngo as compared to edge. The assemblage suggests that with only 17% of the geographical extent(place) the nucleus region (past AMC) occupies over 50% of the accumulation(climate) of GAPA. Besides, the New AMC Extent with a apportion of 68% of geographical expanse has 96% of the unconditioned aggregation(hoch poch) of GAPA.
Regional Settings of the Port ::
Agartala is placed on the field corridors of occurrence(movement), in the Westerly Tripura Regulate of Tripura. Being a great city it is a centre of all semipolitical, administrative, ethnic and commercialized activities. Agartala is situated on the Assam-Agartala- Sabroom Way (NH-44). The organ act with the set of the country is exclusive by NH-44, which connects Agartala with Silchar, Guwahati and another towns of Province. Few major territory(Domin) roads also adjoint Agartala with opposite parts of the Denote(tripura).mesmerizing.

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