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Krishnapuram Temple

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  Krishnapuram is a miniature village situated in Tirunelveli Region at a distance of around six miles from Tirunelveli townsfolk. There are a plentitude of images and idols of shapely curiosity in the temple, enticing hundreds of visitors. Nobleman Venkata- Chalapathy has been installed here with Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. Pujas and abhishekam are beingness conducted to the Baronage daily and some strategic festivals are notable every year (Krishnapuram Journeying India).  
Festivals of the temple ::
Vaikasi Visagam (May - June) Large devotees list about two lakhs instrument participate in the festivity. The procession of Sri Jayanthinathar with Valli and Deivanai is conducted during night and Tourist Places to See Krishnapuram
Skanda Sasti festivity - 7 days (October - Nov) Devotees numbering nearly 5 lakhs testament participate in the above festivity. On this fete ground devotees speedy for all six days. On the ordinal day Surasamharam is demonstrated. On the 7th day Thirukkalyanam to Deivanai is glorious in a grand deportment
The name of the village ::
This community is titled after the Power Kumar Krishnappa Naicker son of Viswanatha Kumarappa Naicker, the maximal among Naicker kings. Originally, this localize was called Venkatapuram. Afterward it was named after Krishnappa Naicker who had constructed the tabernacle and called as Krishnapuram. Both may say it is named after the Vijaya Nagar Tycoon Krishna Devarayar.
Images of rare workmanship ::
There are umpteen effective images of originative and exquisite workmanship in the mandaparn, which is honorable opposition the presiding deity. One of the pillars represents the news of the labor of Bhimasena with Purushamrigam. To fulfil the ritual at an cardinal yagna, Yudhishthira required the milk of Purushamrigam, a half-man, half-beast denizen of the forests, this somebody is a devoted Siva bhakta and Bhimasena achieved his intend when it was in abysmal penance.
Krishnapuram's lithic images are unequalled in nature than that of others launch in remaining temples. They are rattling spirited. Animation seems to flowing the river of sculptures. This tabernacle can be referred as style material for art critics. This sympathetic of spirit can exclusive be seen here and not elsewhere.

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