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Rameshwaram Temple

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Pilgrimage journey to Tamil Nadu is partial without attractive a blunder to Rameshwaram. One of the most taboo point in the metropolis, Rameshwaram temple awaits thousands of pilgrims every twelvemonth. It is believed whosoever call Varanasi, is supposed to affirm Rameshwaram Tamil Nadu Tabernacle Turn to allover his pilgrimage.  
Legends Associated ::
Idea for Rameshwaram temple journeying to experience the legendary tale attendant to this humans renowned holy inclose. The legends believes, Peerage Rama offered prayers to Hebdomad in var. of the a Shibah Lingam, on his locomote to Ayodhya. The lingam was prefabricated of concern by Sita, assort of Peerage Rama. This Shiva lingam is now popularly proverbial as Ramalingam.
History ::
Straggly in an region of 15 acres, the ancient was exclusive a bantam hut until the 12 th century. The gear masonry scheme was collective by Parakrama Bahu of Sri Lanka. Ulterior on, breathe of antiquity was designed under the programme of Setupathy rulers. Vimaanams of the holy shrine resembles a lot with Vimaanams of the Pallava phase. Most of the temple was organized from 12 th century to 16 th century A.D. In the 18 th century AD, monthlong corridor were prefab in the tabernacle interlacing. Unconnected from that, regnant kingdoms of Ramanathapuram, Pudukkottai and Metropolis also offered worthy patronage to this renowned Hindustani temple.
Architecture of Rameshwaram Temple ::
Support a Dravidian Nadu Rameshwaram Temple Journey to happening the striking structure of this noble tabernacle. One of the most taboo shrines of Hindus, Rameshwaram temple is among the 12 Jyotirlingams of India. The stupendous shrine is bejewelled with large Gopurams, Nandi and monumental walls. The corridor activity 4000 feet with over 4000 pillars is said to be the long in the humans. Rajagipuram on the oriental sidelong is 126 feet interminable and has nine levels. An lofty mortal of Nandi placed privileged the tabernacle is 22 feet in length and 18 feet stately.
Festivals in Rameshwaram ::
Two field festivals are celebrated by devotees, with large grandeur and joyousness at this scared shrine. The reference festival notable as Bhrammotsavams is held in the Dravidian months of Aadi and Maasi. Other fete renowned in the tabernacle is Rama's worship in the month of Aani.
Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari ::
A sign of pilgrims who jaunt Rameshwaram also pay a impose to added temple destination - Kanyakumari. Here a the water tabernacle is devoted to Kanya Devi, an avatar of Goddess Anapurna, who is worshipped here as the virgin goddess. If you too necessity to meet Kanyakumari from Rameshwaram, there are a symbol of tour packages on provide. Driving all by yourself from Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari is also a neat choice. The distance between the two destinations is around 320 kms and the premiss of the traveling is uneventful opportune omit for the monsoons when additional options to motion Kanykumari should definitely be patterned out. There are also trains that run from Rameshwaram to Kanya
Information for Rameshwaram Temple ::
By road :: Rameshwaram is connecting by prescribed bus services with Chennai 666 km, Kanyakumari 320 km, Madurai 167 km, Sivaganga 136 km and Ramanathapuram 55 km. It is also retributory 24 Km from the Sri Lanka.
By Air connectedness :: Nighest airport is at Madhurai (167 km).
By Railway :: Rameshwaram is attached by railway directly to City, Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore

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