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Tendong Hill ::  
Above Damthang, overlooking Southernmost Region Headoffice town Namtse, there is a soft flavourless duration of onshore at an altitude of 8530 ft.,surrounded by lush conservationist ancient woodland which is popularly proverbial as the Tendong Hill. Historically, this has been a item of solitary for Religion Lamas who spend geezerhood in reflection amidst the unhearable scenic grandeur. The ambit from the top of the Tendong Hill is something to be cherished and enjoyed as it spans crossways plains of Bengal to the noble spot of the Himalayan Ranges. One can also travel to Namtse by trekking via Tendong Structure mass the conventional itinerary victimized in the old life. Such trekking is also executable
Maenam Hill ::
Maenam towers above Tendong Comedian on the separate surface overlooking the Ravangla Marketplace conclusion. situated at an height of 10,300 ft., the scenic view from this height is, perhaps, unmatched in this concern of the mankind. The trek from Maenam from Ravangla takes nearly 4 hrs. and from Maenam Hill-Topone has the choice to acquire the entitle trek to Borong settlement(hamlet).
Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary ::
It is placed in Southeastern Sikkim above the town of Rabongla and covers an extent of most 3500 hectares with its maximum(highest) point existence at Maenam at 10,600 ft. It shelters the Red Panda, Leopard cat, viverrine cat, execution pheasant, sinister eagles and new animals of the equable woodland.

Location :- Home >> Maenm >> Sikkim, India
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