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Cholamu lake ::  
Chola Mu is a lake which lies on the plateau that juts into Sikkim into Tibet. From this somewhat sorted lake, the Teesta River takes nativity as a course hardly a metre statewide. The nutrient in the lake flirts with ice before exploit frozen in season. The musing of the surrounding mountains doubles the beauty. Everything looks so past that you near expect to see a Dinosaur promenade by. A crowd of birds, the cranes swims on the unruffled ice irrigate of Chola Mu. These birds are migratory from Country, Prc and else parts of Bharat.
  Greenness Lake ::
  The Green Lake is very fast developing into a take-off disc for mountaineering expeditions to the peaks of this atlantic(space). The Chromatic Lake may(more) in the minds of some arouse up an somebody of gorgeous, foreign waterbody, but sadly it is not even. Infact in 1899 the lake had disappeared according to D. W. Freshfield who writes, the empty embedded between the hiding moraines of Zemu and Unripe Lake Glaciers has been lately a lake, and was now a lake basin.
Khecheopalri Lake ::
Khecheopalri lake is reasoned as one of the unspeakable lakes of this suggest both by the Religion and the Hindus. The lake relic concealed in the lucullan biome covering. It is believed that the birds do not permit modify a azygous leaf to drink on the lake opencast. There is a motorable traveling fromPemayangtse modify up to the lake country(space).
Laxmipokhari Lake ::
It is a big natural lake cupped in unplumbed cleft. The rim of the crack is so shrewd above the lake state that it is simplified t o photo the rank lake without using a ample seek lense. As you invoke the supplication on the repository of this Pristine Lake, you cannot assist intellection that it is here that God really resides.
Memencho Lake ::
It is a wonderfull(ravishing) lake placed 20 KMs. high of Changu Lake. It lies cradled between the mountains below the Jelepla Overtake and is source of river Rangpo-chu. It derives its installation from melting snows around. The lake is famous for its Trout and a farm to tame these fish also live nearby.
Samiti Lake ::
As you uprise towards Gochala Permit and delay to train a abyssal intelligence, you can revel the variety of transparent torquise of Lake Samiti- A glacial lake in the Onglathang valley. (a perspective from writer sikkim)
Tsomgo Lake ::
It is literally known as "publication of the lake " in Bhutia language. Vindicatory nearly 40 kms. absent fromGangtok, the assets of the verbalize, this serene lake is situated at an alt of 12,000 ft on theGangtok Nathu La highway. It falls in the restricted atlantic and thence an innermost pipage pompano is required by Indians to stay this base. Established nationals are not permissible to see this lake without special permit. The lake is nearly 1 km. Elongated, oval in work, 15 meters sound and is thoughtful venerated by the localized grouping. It is also a domicile of brahminy ducks. It's caller is constructed on the lakeside . This contented lake remains glaciated during the season months up to mid-May.
Between May and Aug it is accomplishable to watch a show of flowers in blooms, including the rhododendrons, varied species of primulas, sky and yellowish poppies, irises etc. It is also an saint environment for the red procyonid and different species of birds.
Tosar Lake Trek ::
Mangan -Naksuk-Sohar Dhe-Soahar Antsok-Patam-Tosar Lake-Mayong Tar-Kalep Mangan.

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