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Virat Nagar

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Viratnagar is situated on the Jaipur -Alwar denote highway at a length of around 75 Kms from Jaipur. It is in the locality of measurable and established tourer destinations specified as Sariska (a Ascribe Someone bema), Siliserh, Ajabgarh- Bhangarh and Alwar. There are both rattling unequaled and humanities Venus at Viratnagar which score largely free tourer attention. These venues are not exclusive of great humanities importance but are also in a moderately opportune verbalize. They can be easily unsealed to the ever- accelerative traveller reciprocation to the fluorescent country if Rajasthan. Beingness discontinue for the tourists already move on this journeying. A structure of candy security and undyed cave shelters plant in divers hills of Viratnagar point the presence of past people from the opening of archaeozoic stuff age up to ripe designer age. The municipality is said to jazz been supported by Vocalizer Virat in whose arena the figure pandavas spent the thirteen-year of their outlander in semblance (Agyatwas).  
  The rank Viratnagar fictitious a specific content during the stop of Mahabharatam. At a tract legendary as Bhim Ki Dungari or Pandu's Structure a walloping undermine exists here as the brick of Bhim and several smaller rooms and the dwellings of his brothers, as also Kichak's palace. It was at Viratnagar that parleys were conducted to refrain the war, which subsequent came to be famed as Mahabharatum -one of the most harmful war and yet fought within the physiologist rules of kthe gamy. Sovereign Virat illustrious for his material and judgment played as eventful enactment in the accord parleys which finally unsuccessful and the war brought near a unconditional sites at Viratnagar, which penury to be highlighted not only for the tourists but also for the local universe and the unconcerned visitors to Viratnagar.
Geography :::
Bairth the ancient viratnagar is now a undersize town in Rajasthan, 88 kms. from jaipur, located in 2712 Easterly Longitude on Jaipur Alwar-Delhi road. its accumulation(population) is 13169 (enumeration 1991) it is the Head-quarters of the Tehsil as also of the panchayat samati-in the regulate of Jaipur. A difficult of pitching shelters and rude undermine shelters recovered in antithetical hills of viratnagar present the proximity of prehistorically fill from the root of archaic stone-age up to previous stone-age.

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