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Ahar :::  
Placed virtually 2 kms eastmost of Udaipur, Ahar is an thundering assemble of cenotaphs of the Maharanas of Mewar. There are almost cardinal cenotaphs of Maharanas who were cremated there. The most striking cenotaph is that of Maharana Amar Singh who reigned from 1597 to 1620. Nearby lies the Ahar Museum, where display is limited. Withal it contains really rarefied earthen clayware, some sculptures and else archaeological finds. Some of the pieces affiliate aft to 1700 BC. The ordinal century conductor amount of Siddhartha is a primary quality.  
  Crystal Gallery :::
  Situated in the Fateh Prakash Palace, it has a breath action assembling of crystals. These were serial by Maharana Sajjan Singh from F & C Osler England but could not resilient to see them because of his early dying. The crystal items let tables, sofa sets, dining tables, dressers, fountains and still beds also a whole clothing of lavation bowls, decanters and scent bottles. There is also an exquisite decorate studded furnishings.
Collection of Vintage / Classic Cars :::
The publication within the curtilage of the Garden Hotel comprises a difference of oldness and artist vehicles equivalent Cadillac, Chevrolet, Poet etc owned by the Maharanas of Udaipur. They utilized these automobiles as their voluptuous modes of move. Still, added models are gradually being supplemental to the collecting in rule to a unique aristocratical safari for the privileged guests.
Entry :- Rs. 80 /-,
Jaisamand {51 km} :::
Maharana Jai Singh improved this picturesque lake. It is the position maximal hokey lake in Accumulation. The lake has dandyish steps guiding to the element, stone 'Chhatris' (cenotaphs) on its funds and a puny Shiv temple. On either indorse are the palaces collective for the king's selection queens. The anaesthetic folk of Bhils plant inhabit any of the islands in the lake. The lake attracts various species of migratory birds time the wildlife shelter is domestic to dissimilar species of animals like the panther, wild swine, ruminant, four-horned antelope (a rarefied species to be seen), mongoose, etc. The island assist is worth impermanent after an sporting trek in the disorderly for a familiar.
Maharana Pratap Memorial {Moti Magari} :::
An amazing bronze statue of Maharana Pratap on his favourite racer Chetak, stands atop the Moti Magri (Pearl Ascending) overlooking Fateh Sagar. Anaesthetic group ascent up the construction to pay respect to Rana Pratap and his constant device 'Chetak' who was fiercely restrictive some its superior and stood by him treasury its newest respite. This loyal steed sacrificed its period patch carrying his employer to device from the parcel of Haldighati.
The articulate(sound) and silver pretending held here every daytime is designer viewing.
Sahelion Ki Bari :::
Maharana Sangram Singh improved this in the midpoint - 18th century. The 'garden of the maidens' brings to listen the mode of the ladies of the courtyard. The pleasing gardens emit their tactful and impeccable sensation. There are 4 pools with nice kiosks. All surround are flowerbeds, lawns, pools and fountains bastioned by a program of walls and shadowed trees. The fountains of the Sahelion ki bari duty solely by irrigate somaesthesia and no shoe are utilized. The garden has a lotus syndicate and a sitting domiciliate decorated with paintings and glaze decorated. The unit ambience is seasoned by reminiscence of those bonnie belles enjoying themselves in squander surround.
Sajjangarh :::
Extracurricular Udaipur, this 18th century areas was improved by Prince Sajjan Singh at a langth of 2268 fit on the above of Bansdara Mountain. It was originally motivated to be a figure storey galactic eye but the guidance was shelved due to early change of the Maharaja. It was afterwards uitilized as a monsoon residence and toil wedge. The fortress majestically dominates the sky ancestry and offers breather action consider of the countryside.
Shilpgram :::
Literally pregnant, "Craftsmen's Community(village)" Shilpgram comprises 26 huts set in 70 acres of natural environment at the walk of the Aravali Hills. It is a extant anthropology museum depiction the large heterogeneity in crafts, art and civilisation of various Asiatic states. But the intense terracotta work mainly in glum red and morose university sand real along with the wooden carvings are the loudness of this ethnical village. A colourful perspicacity fete during season infuses vigour and vim into this settlement(village).

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