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This is a semi wild location in northeast Rajasthan and is situated all within the trigon bacillary by Delhi-Bikaner-Jaipur. Shekhawati represents a realm and not just a townspeople or fort. It copied its obloquy from its human Rao Shekha. Shekhawati capital the garden of Shekha.  
  The towns of Shekhawati location are acknowledged for their impressive stained havelis. So different and architecturally moneyed are the havelis that this part is dubbed as the "ajar art gallery of Rajasthan". The inordinateness of rouged Havelis in sumptuous artistic practice makes them fascinating. Most of the buildings are dated from 18th century to untimely 20th century. The Shekhawati part is speckled with so galore havelis that chase them is something akin to a treasure tail. Varied forms of precise art modify the walls and the ceilings of these structures as a opposition to the otherwise lodging and bleak come. The havelis are noted for their frescoes depiction mythological themes and immense animals. Many subsequent day frescoes emit British work in the appearance.
There are also forts, small castles, mosques, step-wells (titled 'baoris') and chattris. The Rajputs mostly depicted the themes of story events, personage, folk-heroes and prominent war scenes, while the Marwaris bunched much on pious themes. Withal, with the response of time and reaching of the Land their motifs too began transfer.
As the authorisation of the Mughal corporation damaged tailing the decease of Nymphalid Aurangzeb in 1707 AD, the descendants of Rao Shekha grabbed the territory writer of Aravali Orbit. The chieftains of the part soothe accepted the suzerainty of Yellowness ruler who conferred the appellation of Tazmi Sardar on them. It was belike their danger to the stag authorities in Jaipur that piqued their part in the art of frescos.
In the beginning of the 19th century, with the activity of Student parts similar(like) kokatta(Calcutta) (now Kolkata) and mumbai (now Bombay) by the Country, the point shifted from the ports of Gujarat, thusly adversely touching the moneymaking activities of the location. In the meantime, the tangency between Jaipur and Shekhawati became tenuous and commerce on this itinerary came to a standstill. In due class of moment, the Shekhawati swop way was virtually forsaken. This splintered the formerly thriving saving of the realm. This experienced Shekhawati merchants were thus strained to migrate to greener pastures same Calcutta and Bombay, where they constituted themselves and earned immense riches by dint of purpose and performing shrewdness. They repatriated this wealth to their institution towns where it was utilized for business havelis and schools, promoting interpersonal good, digging author and constructing reservoirs.

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