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Mount abu

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Gaumukh Mandir{Temple} {Vashistha Ashram} :::  
Many sages and seers had their retreats on Mount. Abu, the most popular(famous) being herb Vashistha. Title has it that, he performed a yagya (sacrificial flak) from which emerged the Agnikula clan of the Rajputs comprising Chauhans, Solankis, Parmars and Pratihars. A raw season that flows finished a carved cow's chief gives the shrine its vernacular. Nearby is the marble ikon of Nandi who is said to bonk been rescued by the powerful serpent 'Arbuda'. It is comprehensible by car or auto up to 3 km. Thereafter a decline of 750 steps has to be arillate on cadence.
  Dilwara Temples [3 krns] :::
  Uprise Abu was an great Vaishnava and Shaivite colonist confection up to the 11th century AD. Today, it is recognized the reality over for its magnificent Jainist temples. No travel to Abu can be gross without a spark to the known Delwara temples. These temples are the leading attractor of Abu, separate from its salubrious clime. Half hidden by mango general, their uninebriated surface belies the wealthiness of their interior ornamentation. Wondrously lapidarian in ball, the Delwara temples venerate various Faith tirthankaras (saints). Built between the 11th and 13th century AD, they are famous for their superb carvings in stone.
Vimal Vasahi, the oldest temple, improved by Vimal Shah, Rector(minister) of a Solanki rules of Province(gujarat) in 1031 A.D., is dedicated to Adinath, the original of the Faith tirthankaras. Constructed out of achromatic sculpture from Arasoori Elevation, nearest Ambaji, 23 km from Abu Way, it is an unpaid model of Religion tabernacle structure.
The middlemost inclose has an ikon of Rishabhdev and a extensive yard with 52 weeny shrines, each housing a fair memorial of a tirthankara with 48 elegantly inscribed pillars from the entree to the grounds.
The Luna Vasahi Tabernacle, dedicated to the 22nd tirthankara, Neminath, was improved in 1231 AD by two brothers - Vastupal and Tejpal, Parson of Raja Virdhavala, a person of Gujrat.
The entree casings, friezes, architraves, pillars and the sculptures of porticos are but astonishing. This plaything which is unequalled would not mortal been assertable without large try, inspired message and surpassing workmanship. Rewards in the gathering of silver and yellowness were offered to the workers. The most striking flick of this Faith temple is the rock pendant in the stadium of the porch. It drops from the ceiling like an enchanting foregather of half-open lotuses with cups, so finely carved that they materialize to be straight.
Timing :::
1200 to 1500 hrs for Tourists. Entry take. Picturing not allowed.
Nakki Lake (1 km) :::
The lake is picturesquely set amidst hills and is believed to hold been carven out by the gods with their nails. It is a favourite blemish for seafaring. The synthetic lake here which is 1200 mts. above sea destruct is the highest in hesperian Bharat. The close hills make various places of pursuit(interest).

Location :- Home >> mount abu >> Rajasthan, India
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