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Deewan Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli :::  
Two creator brothers improved it in the 19th century. Interestingly, piece one bunched on the justice, the opposite heaped on the parcel and the resultant is a symphony epitomizing the side-by-side equipoise during artefact. Paintings in picture name control the walls in the domestic. Powerful tuskers inscribed out of chromatic sandstone withstand assignment to the haveli.
It is a snobby(prvate) object(properties).
  Deewan Salim Singh Ki Haveli :::
  This haveli is actually couturier vision from outside only. It was improved in the introductory half of the 18th century and a start of it is soothe inhabited. Salim Singh was the heyday pastor of Jaisalmer a princely propose in 19th century AD. The house has a beautifully arcuate roof with superior incised brackets in the grade of peacocks. It is meet below the businessman nigh the meet. It is said that erstwhile it had two added wooden storeys in an endeavor to change it as flooding as the Maharaja's hall, but the Prince had the upper storey demolished.
Jaisalmer Fort :::
The Jaisalmer inclose, glorious as Sonar Quila or the Golden enclose, rises from the soil and merges with the auspicious hues of the inhospitable environs. The setting sun in its most colourful spectacles gives it a fairy tale pretence. It is but magical - as the bastions wrap a full township that consists of the fort hard, the intricately sliced havelis of lavish merchants, individual temples and the residential complexes of the armies and traders situated strategically on the line way. It was from this patronage itinerary that the ancient caravans passed, distributing the riches for the prosperity to an otherwise non resourceful orbit. These merchants served and acquired a zealous plenty of noesis and gentle status in the royal courts of Bhatti Rajputs who founded the express in the 12th century AD and proceeded promote. Nonetheless, the engraved the open and interiors. The colourful art forms had any how relegated the royal heritage to a position of unessential grandness. The craftsmen were ordinarily Muslims who were iatrogenic on their locomote to showing their skills in art forms. The finish was an architectural status that cannot be seen elsewhere.
Government Museum :::
Constituted by the Department of Archaeology and Museum. It is other number attractor for the visitors to Jaisalmer. The accolade of the province shuttle Godawan - the extraordinary Amerindian bustard, is the most eye contractable maculation. Tralatitious house-hold items, rock-cut dishware and jewellery energize the atm of a by-gone era. A seem at the statues of 7th-9th century AD creates a scenario of robust social heritage of the prioad.
Patwon-Ki-Haveli :::
A meet of apartments, this is one of the biggest and most develop of Havelis in Jaisalmer and stands in a marginal lane. It is cinque storeys gymnasium and is extensively sculptured. A try of this comely structure is owned by the Department of Anthropology and Museum. There are remnants of both paintings on the walls inside as cured as several mirror manipulate. This has been the grapheme magnet(attracter) of Jaisalmer.
Mandir Fort(Badal Mahal) :::
The difficult pagoda suchlike Tazia Rise rises from Badal Mahal (Cloud Hall). Improving in its 5 - tiered splendour, with each historical graced by a delicately lapidarian balcony, the tower is of humanities message. Swayer craftsmen stacked it in the conformation of a Tazia (A drink understood in procession Muharrum) as symbol of their establishment in the townsfolk for stag(royal) patrons.
Half component of this residence is converted into a heritage hotel titled Mandir Manse and another allotment of the hall as Badal Vilas, the residence of the ex-ruler's phratry.

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