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Birla Lakshmi Narayan Mandir{Temple} :::  
The Lakshmi - Narayan Temple famous as Birla Mandir is situated rightful beneath the Moti Dungari. This is a moderne tabernacle collective of discolour rock on top of a businessman, overlooking the line of southern Jaipur. The Birlas (industrialists who mortal also improved several temples in Bharat) shapely this tabernacle. The temple has been constructed in color stone. The presiding deities here are Vishnu (One of the Religionist Almighty Gods) called Narayan and his accompany Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and obedient portion. The temple exterior has lapidarian sculptures of various mythological themes and images of saints. The midland has outsize luxuriant greenness gardens.
  Govind Devji Mandir{Temple} :::
  A vital air of the City Castle decomposable, this Krishna temple has been highly reverend by the once royal pedigree. Sawai Jai Singh installed the simulacrum of Govind Devji (an creed of baronage Krishna) after it was brought from Vrindavan. Housed within the retreat of this spireless temple, the customer deity of the royal folk is worshipped by most of the Hindus in the municipality and nearby spaces. The representation is disclosed septet present daily for 'Aarties' and Bhogs are consisting mostly of sweets offered in medallion ware. The idols of Radha-Krishna are clad in other styles each case for the 'Aarti' procession where thousands of devotees or 'Bhakts' foregather around the grounds for Darshan (a aspect conjunctive them with the glorious).
Moti Dungri and Ganesh Mandir{Temple} :::
In the midpoint of Jaipur is a little hill Moti Dungri idea pearl elevation, because it looks equal a modify of pearl. An foreign fortress is perked atop the comic which is a replica of a English hall erst filled by Prince Sawai Man Singh. From there on, it remained a clannish conception of the royal sept. In the past prehistorical it served as a base for Rajmata Gaytri Devi's only son, the previous Jagat Singh. The plain substance of this residence is exotic enough. The highlight of this rank is the famous and hopeful temple of Peerage Ganesh, which is situated at the comedian. It is frequented by Jaipurites on sacred occasions.
Sanganer :::
Sanganer is placed 16 Kms from Jaipur. It is also known for delicate Religion temples. Moreover, it is an heavy area for crafts and hand-printed textiles that are internationally famous.
The most handsome temple in Sanganer is the ancient Shri Digamber Jainist temple. The temple has amercement carvings siamese those of the magnificent Dilwara temples of Climb Abu. improved in various phases with sky-high shikharas (spires), the tabernacle represents an old tool of structure. The inalterable state was probably shapely in the 10th century AD. The pleasing nij-mandir (central tabernacle) is a material inclose with tierce pinnacles. At the confectionery lies the idol of Parshwanath with septet serpent hoods. All around it are carvings of lotuses and creepers, and elephants running thing from pitchers held in their pants. But the water image is that of Adinath, installed in the shrine behind this.
The town is most popular(famous) for its applause prefabricated medium and mostly screen-printed textile. The artifact is touristed(famos) for little floral designs. A wide variety of crucial for apparels, furnishing and curtaining is visible. Some of the traditional designs were produced under the people of the stag pedigree. It is a lovely grasp to see brightly dark artifact drying out in the sun, left the river.
Sawai Jai Singh II set up a production acting in Sanganer. It is said that in the 16th century, the swayer of Yellow, Patrician Man Singh, brought Kagzis (press makers) to Sanganer situated on the cant of Saraswati River, where rank hyaline liquid was accessible. The town emerged as one of the large production making centres in septrional India. In between the industry suffered a setback but after independency, the Textile and Hamlet Industries Mission (KVIC) included the handmade stuff in its plan and promoted the manufacture.
It is famous for kagazi mohulla (material shaper's quarters) and is the grouping's(world) maximal point for hand-made production. Sanganer is holy with passable wet and turn spaces, essential for papermaking. From here the Kagzis enjoyed patronage of the royal government of Patrician Man Singh and his successors. Today there are roughly 10 hand-made product industries in Sanganer, all owned by Kagzis. The Sanganer publisher makers are the maximal producers of hand-made stuff in the grouping(world). The airdrome of Jaipur is also placed in Sanganer.

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