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Bhandeswar Religion Temple :::  
Bhandeswar Faith Temple is a 50 century tabernacle and is the old monument of Bikaner. The Mandir(tabernacle) is decorated with abundant mirror utilize, frescoes and gold leaf paintings.
Havelis are ancient mansions of the titled and wealthy. They are acknowledged for their opulent way and intricate carvings and craftsmanship along with untidy courtyards. Bikaner is high of much havelis and the celebrity amongst them belong to Kotharis, Rampurias, Vaids and Dagas. To scope these havelis, the suggested line is Gogagate, Daddhon Ka Chowk, Rangari Chowk, Assanion Ka Chowk, Mohta Chowk, Binnanion Ka Chowk, Daga Chowk, BK Schooltime and Jassuar Passageway.
  Deshnok Temple :::
  Deshnok is a littlest village situated 32 km southeast of Bikaner metropolis along the Pants Roadworthy. It is adjoining by individual highway and plain. It is a settler area of Karni Mata -said to be an embodiment of Goddess Durga-who lived here in the ordinal century and performed numerous miracles. Originally, the hamlet was titled 'dus-nok' significance ten corners as it was baculiform by action ten corners of 10 villages.
In forward of the temple is a resplendent sculpture deceit, which has unhollowed prize doors shapely by Prince Ganga Singh. Across the entranceway are many grayness doors with panels depicting the different legends of the Goddess. The someone of the Goddess is enshrined in the intimate spot.
Devi Kund {8 kms from Bikaner} :::
The royal mortuary has various delicate cenotaphs (Chhatris). Apiece Chhatri is sacred to the store of a mortal of Bikaji royalty and issituated on the mathematical space where apiece of them was cremated. The Chhatri of Maharaj Surat Singh is a smooth representative of structure. The ceilings of the Chhatris representation few tender Rajput paintings.
Shiv Bari Mandir{Temple}{6 kms from Bikaner} :::
Protected by a pinched fence the temple is dedicated to Gods shiv(Bolanath). Maharaja Doongar Singh constructed it in the ordinal century in the faculty of his ascendant Maharaj Lall Singh The tabernacle has a resplendent surround spraying of Nandi Pig covering the Shiva Lingam. This is situated on the way to the camel townsfolk.

Location :- Home >> Bikaner >> Rajasthan, India
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