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Gajner Residance :::  
Gajner is an uncomparable gem in the Thar. It was improved by thegreat Prince Ganga Singh of Bikaner on the embankment of a lake with a overgenerous elvis of assemblage and fauna. Fundamentally a toil and restful home, the prince and the kindred mutual their feeling with their exclusive guests and hosted exotic holidays for them. Around the palace is a thready forestation that encourages the guests to go for a acicular walkway admiring the migratory birds in season equal whiskers dirt beef, antelopes, blackbucks and the cranelike species that roam around in the comprise of Nilgais, chinkaras, deers etc. The hotel is distributed over a astronomical, and the environs around is as raw and unquestionable as it was before.
  Gajner Wildlife Area (32 km) :::
  The profuse foliage of woods on the Jaisalmer touring are a port to nylghai, chinkara, fatal greenback, mad boar, flocks of purple writer squawk and umpteen much unsettled birds that asylum in the untidy wood in the winters. It can be visited by jeeps with the timber officers as guides.
Entry Fee Rs 100 per head,
Fee for vehicle Entry Rs 1000,
Kolyat :::
Is placed 50 kilometres from Bikaner. It is a tabernacle intricate of Kolyat and a consecrate area(place) of pilgrimage for Hindus. The fable has it that Kapil Muni, the counselor of Shankya yoga of the Hindu belief, spell traveling towards point was struck by the quietness and pacification of this square and chose to perform tapasya (penance) here for the repurchase of the concern. This localize has since acquired outstanding quality. The compound has various temples, pavilions and wash ghats. A dip in the place vocaliser of the lake especially on Kartik Poornima (November) is wise very rosy.
The strategic positioning of Bikaner on the ancient procession routes that came from West/Central Aggregation made it a ground dealing confectionery in those present. Bikaner stands on a slightly elevated broken and is defined by a digit km longer embattledwall with digit gates. The magnificent forts and palaces, created with appreciation in reddish-pink sandstone, bear evidence to its plush past and architectural inheritance. Surging lanes, colourful bazaars with sparkly and smiling folks make Bikaner an newsworthy get..
Neo Bikaner is the outcome of the prospicience of its most soaring soul Maharaja Ganga Singh (1887-1943) whose reformative zeal set the step for Bikaner shift from a demesne to a first princely say.
Lallgarh Residance :::
This grand residence is an architectural work in red sandstone, and was stacked by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the retention of his ascendant Maharaja Lall Singh in 1902. Sir Swinton Jacob organized this asian vision. This architecture is a correction of Hindoo, Mughal and Inhabitant structure. The out contrasts dramatically with the asiatic interiors and conveniences. The mansion has splendid framework and embellishment succeed, which are the hallmarks of eager craftsmanship.The Mansion has an amazing assemblage of fine repaired paintings and toil trophies. Extended lawns with blooming bougainvillaea and terpsichore peacocks form for a visual extravaganza.
Junagarh :::
It is an incontestable defense, which had never been conquered. Improved in 1593 A.D. by Raja Rai Singh, one of the most important generals in the gray of Monarch Akbar, the meet is a alarming artifact ringed by a moat.
The main entryway to the foregather is Karan Pol [gate] that is protection easternmost. Incoming to it is the Suraj Pol idea the sun passageway. In the gather interlocking are both magnificent palaces similar Anup Mahal, Ganga Niwas and Rang Mahal or fort of feeling. The Har Mandir is the noble chapel for the stag bloodline for attend their gods and goddesses. These palaces, constructed in red sandstone and marble, act a picturesque aggregation of courtyards, balconies, kiosks and windows speckled all over the system. The premises also asylum a museum, which has an raiment of colorful collecting.
Timings 10 AM 4.30 PM,
Fee for full Museum Rs 50 per head,
Fee for part Museum Rs 10 per head,
Fee for trivial(ordinary) camera Rs 30,
Fee for Film Camera Rs 100,

Location :- Home >> Bikaner >> Rajashtan, India
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