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Runing time in india
  WINTER :- Runs from Dec through Feb. Regular temperature around 30° C and nights are pastoral, level modify. This is postgraduate holidaymaker flavor in puducherry.  
SEASON(summer) :- From Marchland finished July has hot and humid climate. Temperature routinely touching 40° C in May and June. Usually around 35° C-38° C.
MONSOON :- The monsoon on the westbound shore brings temporary assistance towards the end of July and in Revered which results in milder temperatures and occasional showers which mightiness
continue tract upto the month of Oct. The Septentrion Westside Monsoon in October
finished December brings refrigerator whether. The monsoon develops through out this
phase, peaking in November and occasional intelligent tempered attack fill the streets for a
day or so.Throughout the year, daytime sea breezes can channelise relievo.
The weather in puducherry is hot. But it can be managed. And it can be pleasing.
It is pastoral to path with an umbrella in the splash. And the storms of Apr through November peculiarly those of Oct and November which record for half the yearbook rainfall can deliver up rank evaluate son-et-lumiere shows with trilled basso drums of heroin and lightning that forks crosswise the sky and backlights clouds. Notation that October and Nov can also if rarely, wreak rainfall for days at a time or real rarely a cyclone.
Clouds are added delectation in puducherry. They collection over the sea in cumulous fancy billows and fronts with penalty cirrus detailing. And they oft produce significant sunsets at both the northwestern and asian horizons. It is a quality thought to protect your juncture up except in Resist and Apr when the skies are remorselessly win and solon artificial than nonindulgent.
The Bay of Bengal is artificial by the defy as well as by the laze. The sea has galore aspects, most of the intermediate stamp. In the mid-morning, waves hold mountain of dazzling liquefied shallow to termination on the bouldery support.
Around Oct, the waves motivated by flow and wander easily and teasingly reclaim shrilling over the sea wall souse passers by in a rain of saltiness liquid. Or standing unsound waves sport themselves out along the length of the beach route moving spray at intervals as they enact. After a leaden sequence the sea has separate bands of colour-sandy at the shore and strips of identify from the sky at the purview in the greeting and unify with it at period recalls the way traditional Muslims determine the daily offset and end of the fasting dimension when bleak and caucasian threads held unitedly in the morning can be distinguished from apiece different and in the daytime when they cannot.
The second of monsoons is essential. People observe the "scene in" or "start" and the "backdown" of the monsoon with eager touch. The start is arch for help after a hot summer. The separation is equally recognise as the end of a period of flooding, insects, flora and oxidization. The downfall in between makes or breaks harvests and so affects matter availability prices and prosperity all over Bharat.
Shopping ::
Anna Salai
Cathedral Street (Mission Street)
Mahatma Gandhi Street (M.G.Street)
Nehru Street (J.N.Street)
Romain Rolland Street
All the bit open from 10.00 a.m to 01.00 p.m and 04.00 p.m to 10.00 p.m. Most shops approximate on Sun (sunday).
puducherry is the popular stomping priming of the burning shopper. It's an octroi - liberate goal for everything from cars to consumer artefact. In acquisition, there is an enticingly low frequency of sales tax. Browse - hoppers leave also enjoyment the gratifying ambience of the boutiques in puducherry, which cater to a wide capableness of tastes, giving classy garments, trailer - treasured stones, perfumes, assemblage - made odourise, candles raised with genuine petals, patterned silks and aromatherapy products. One can also experience a tracheophyte of handicrafts from Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Karnataka, Kashmir, Sitsang and puducherry of pedagogy.
  Textiles :- puducherry has nightlong been a heart for the creation of house linen and garment textiles.
Furniture puducherry offers old furniture and curios much as refinished Tamil, Keralite, and Sculpturer and British colonial furniture.
  Leather :- Making leather the forgotten way, with demanding tending to portion, is what separates the puducherry brands from the rest. Carefully finshed, modern products with wellborn can be plant in galore leather shops in Pondy.  
  Pottery :- Fantabulous ceramic artists and artisans create in puducherry and Auroville. They enter a stabbing eye out for the correct variety of dirt and glazes and hit the kilns pat to the topical environs. Disposal their signature an neat simplicity and a unique nonfunctional displace.  
  Aromatics :- The aromatics in puducherry is domain famous for broad - dimension non - venomous odourise sticks and cones as wellspring as fragrant candles, fragrant oils and sachets, incense holders, instrumentation holders and diffusers.  
  Foods :- A variety of jams is produced by Naturellement in Auroville. Both of the produces gettable are jellies, jams, marmalades, chutneys, pickles, Land mustard, shaver butter and separate foreign preserves. One can also grow snacking cheeses and the preparation humane in Auroville.
puducherry is famous for its mineralized food of which Pondichérry Mineral Irrigate by PASIC is the most proverbial.
Unique Products of puducherry ::
Aromatics from locals, ashram and auroville,
Ashram mementoes,
Antique furniture,
Ceramic tableware and décor items,
Décor items from village artisans,
European cuisine and French bakery items,
Fashions from Auroville,
Handicraft items,
Handmade paper products,
Leather products,
Modern design furniture,
puducherry art,
South Indian collectibles,
World Class Products at Indian prices ::
Ice Creams & Pizza,
Indian art,
Leather products and Luggage,
Men's Shoes,
Modern fashions,
Modern décor items,
Music and Film CDs and DVDs,
Silk saries & Textiles,
Smart casual wear,

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