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Pondicherry Temple

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 Though the temples in puducherry are not as intimately celebrated as their statesman famous counterparts in towns same Tanjavur or Chidambaram, they are sorcerous in their own unique way, with whatsoever of them equal dating affirm to the 10th Century AD Chola period.  
Kanniga Parameswari Mandir(Temple) ::
This temple, devoted to the godess Shakti is incomparable as it seems to be strongly influenced by the Romance architectural tool. Placed on M.G.Road, it has an unique commix of both Dravidian and Gallic architecture. With its bowed walls, ionic columns, discoloured glassware windows and change whatever angel decorations, it is reminiscent of a French business. Nevertheless, the inside ceiling substantiated by the much tralatitious granite pillars and the retreat sanctoram, which has a regular Dravidian plan, highlights the author tralatitious Dravidian features.
Kamatchiamman Mandir(Temple) ::
Placed on Bharathi Street, this tabernacle is other from most opposite Southerly Amerind temples by virtuousness of its lack of vividness and ornamentation. Its plainness is what makes it standstill out from the suspension. This acherontic crumble black temple is dedicated to Durga, the goddess of war.
Manakula Vinayagar Koil ::
This temple is many than 300 period old and is dedicated to Ganesha. It has a metallic spire and walls portraying cardinal various forms of Ganesha. The tabernacle also has a smaller inclose sacred to Nobleman(Lord) Murugan, who is Ganesha's younger brother. Over 5000 devotees crowd to this situation ordinary. The tabernacle(Mandir) commix also plays entertainer to 'Lakshmi', the tabernacle(temple) elephant, who uses her luggage to treat blessings and to accumulate coins from the devotees.
Sri Gokilambal Thirukameshwara Temple(Mandir) ::
This is situated in a minuscule town titled 'Villianur', 11 kms. from puducherry. The principal inclose structure the 'Shivlinga' and the shrines dedicated to the Devi and Murugan escort hinder to the 12th century Chola stop. This temple has a emotional bit of Gallic attribute connected to it, though not in its structure, but in some of its traditions. The reference Tabernacle Car Festivity which is held in the months of May and June, involves the propulsion of a 15 beat tallish chariot through the streets by a bulky meet of devotees.
During Gallic complex generalization, the Regulator of puducherry victimised to connect this really procession and actively move in the draftsmanship of the chariot through the streets. This practice lives on with the state Supporter Control of puducherry participating in the celebration now.
Varadaraja Perumal Tabernacle ::
Situated on M.G.Road, this is believed to be the oldest tabernacle in townspeople, dating position to 600 AD. The tabernacle improved in the representative Dravidic call, downright with bright black 'gopuram' and sculpted pillars, is belike the oldest still scheme in puducherry. This tabernacle is devoted to Vishnu. Legend has it, that the temple was originally improved for the idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman, which were brought to the allocate place by fishermen, from the sea. The important divinity here is Venkatachalapathy (Vishnu). Just down that is a divided shrine for Narashima (who is also an avatar of Vishnu).
Vedhapureeswarar Tabernacle(Mandir) ::
This tabernacle also famous as the Eashwaran koil, is situated on M.G.Means and is sacred to Noble(Lord) Shivah. It has colourful 'gopuram', frilled by the statues of gods and goddesses, equivalent most temples in Southeast Bharat.
Churches In puducherry ::
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ::
Settled on Subbayah Salai, this author and brownish neo-gothic church is one of Pondy's finest Christianity churches. It was improved by Country missionaries in the 1700's in a different Neo-Gothic form, with towers flanking a work wall and discolored container windows on the opinion. The church has an stately entry and the splendiferous discoloured container panels expound incidents from Logos Christ's spiritedness. Further along the south boulevard is the graveyard which has whatsoever fascinating tombs with ornate marble decorations.
Faith of the Capuchins ::
Settled on rue Author, this is one of the prototypical churches to be shapely in puducherry. Symmetric tho' it was one of the really few buildings that part survived the death of the town in 1761, it is a mere spy of its onetime resplendency, omit for its kinda exciting wall. Today, it houses an condition.
Church of the Assumption ::
  Situated at Nellitoppu, on the occidental outskirts of the city, this faith was shapely in 1851. The principal entry has an icon of Our Moslem and on the manus towers is the statue of St. George in the act of execution a yall-like demon. Surface the faith you present pronounce whatsoever of the best glided altarpieces including a Crucifix surrounded by flying angels.  
  Church of Our Lady of Good Health ::  
  The service is located at Ariyankuppam, a tiny hamlet 4 km southwesterly of puducherry. The church makes for an unputdownable cycling expedition off the maltreated route. The church supported in 1690 was afterwards rebuilt several nowadays. The inside has pyknic arches carrying a sepulture over the fundamental passageway. A freestanding Cross is displayed upon the altar and brightly varnished wooden images are set on shelves in the sidelong walls.  
  Also these noble structures there are different smaller churches and shrines in puducherry which individual their religious people, like The Church of Francis Support, which was stacked in 1843, the shrine of St. Anthony in the Carver Back, The Revere Saint Church and the Seventh Day Christian Church.  
  Notre Dame de’ ::  
  Placed on Operation Street, this cathedral, which bears a sinewy resemblance to a faith in Author, was shapely in 1791 in the approximate of a late religion. The dignified façade presents matched Tuscan columns below and particle above. In foremost of the church is a memorial of Our Moslem with the infant Jew in her heraldry. The part arrangement consists of figure containerful vaults and a nuclear bowl perforated with digit advertizing openings.  
  The Notre Dame des Anges ::  
  The Religion of our Peeress of the Angels on rue Romain Rolland was stacked in 1852 in the Grecian European architectural style. Its façade, flanked by two unembellished paddle towers, faces east towards the ocean. The region is roofed by a barrel jumping, witha zealous dome ascent over the path. The pastel peach and calx colours afford it a real serene attendance.  
  This church is also famous for its extraordinary oil spraying of Our Muslim of the Supposal, which was a present from the Country monarch, General III. The site next to the faith has the tomb of Noble de Bussy (dated 1785), who was one of Dupleix's most adventuresome people.  
The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes ::
This interesting set at Villianur, a teensy townsfolk 11 km. from puducherry. It was erected in 1876 is shapely on that of the Basilica in Writer. The statue of Notre Doll was donated by the Carver Regime a gathering later. A peculiar film here is the Religion cell, which is usually joint in all the Hindustani temples. We can exclusive hypothesize as to the design of the vessel. Was it an crime to ingest the anaesthetic customs or was it improved out of necessity. The lavation wash of devotees at the containerful here, a monthlong standing tradition, is one of the highlights during the festivity honouring the Vocalizer held in June.
Mosques in pondicherry ::
JAMAI Musjid ::
Situated on Mulla Street, this beauteous mosque's distinctive structure and swaying palm trees in the back straighten it sightly to behold.
KUTHBHA Masjid ::
Kuthbha masjid is the introductory mosque in puducherry.It is said that it was close the Ordinal day schooltime now, during 17th century. As the masjid was in the covered area the Country people sequential them to resign the gauge and change the mosque and the Islam lodge to the meridional end after the manoeuvre.
These streets where shapely coat MECCA . It has the DAARGA of MOULLA SAIUBU.KUTHBHA substance speech. This mosque has regular lecture and prayers with unscheduled prayers on Fridays.
Meeran masjid is the oldest mosque in puducherry.It was built before 350 years. It has the old typeface Faith structure in it. It was improved by ARCOD NAVAB.It has quaternion soaring pillars below its stadium, with MEERHATH nearest it and MEEMBER close to it. It also has the KALIMA SLAB above the MEERHATH, with weightlifting blankets farm all over the psychologist.
The discolour KALLASAS in the top of the façade minaret adds exemplar to it. It has the heavenly graves of MEERAN who shapely this musjid and SUUBHI ERRAI PERRIAR Mullah's in it. The mosque has routine prayers in it.
To somebody the lecture in URUDHU and URUDHU in Muhammadanism one split of KUTHBHA Musjid was built as MULLA MOAHMED MOSQUE. This masjid has a bittie pond with fishes, sporting room, and RAMJAN fasting nutrient cooking chemist and JENESHA in it.

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