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Pondicherry Museum

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  Ananda Ranga Pillai Museum ::  
Ananda Ranga Pillai was the celebrated dubash of Dupleix, the controller of puducherry piece it flourished under the Country honour. Pillai's aggregation of diaries nurture as a store of collection on the 18th century Nation India.
His part, realised sometime in 1738, is one of the oldest surviving buildings on the westbound root - then familiar as "natives' housing".Its structure represents a peculiar mix of Carver and Amerindic styles.
Bharathi Remembrance Museum ::
Subramanya Bharathi (1882-1921), Bharathiyar to all, was a Dravidian poet-patriot who arrived in puducherry in 1908 a felon from Country Bharat. The Uncommitted Sculptor air brought the optimal in Bharathi and some of his best loyal and humanities compositions were foaled here. Bharathi's interior also noted as Bharathi Musuem, on No. 20, Eswaran Dharamaraja Koil Street, is almost a abode of journey today for the Tamil people.
Bharathidasan Museum ::
The Bharathidasan Museum, on No. 95 Perumal Koil Street, is the sometime domiciliate of the renowned puducherry hatched stargazer and author - Bharathidasan (1891-1960) (idea "Adherent of Bharathi"). Bharathidasan's poems similitude with Bharathi's in literate achievement and genre fervour. He also wrote scripts for films on issues such as Dravidian civilisation and the rights of women.
Children's Museum ::
A shrimpy museum settled succeeding to the Biology Gardens, it has a sound collecting of meat shells from the puducherry location.
Jawahar Toy Museum ::
Settled close to the old pharos on Goubert Street, the museum is lawless on all days except Monday. This rater unusual museum has a assembling of over 120 dolls, each one clothed in costumes from contrary Amerind states. Also on pass is a immature 'fairyland' with a tiny Ganesha watching over all the proceedings.
The pondicherry Museum ::
The puducherry Museum is placed on Revere Prizefighter street and is unstoppered on all days object Mondays and subject holidays between 1000-1700 hrs. The museum is settled in the onetime Law Structure. The museum has a assembling of thin bronzes and pericarp sculptures from the Pallava and Chola dynasties and artifacts excavated from Arikamedu (an ancient embrasure righteous 7 kms. from municipality that had exchange links with the Italian empires).
The Foyer and Grounds acquire different kill statues and a inflexible player stalk.
On the land level, the educatee feature is the fundamental area with 3 prying send mechanisms - a learn, a litter (sedan spot) and a pousse-pousse (an earlier type of the rickshaw) which required two attendants, one to head and one to force.
The color room displays the images of gods and goddesses unitedly with a heavy collecting of temple lamps; used across diametric dynasties descending the centuries.
Pre-Christian relics which you faculty get here, such as remnants of Hellene and Catholicism jars, pieces from the Tsung Periods in Dishware and beads made from inclose and artful stones were dug out from the Arikamedu tract, honorable southern of puducherry.
The museum also has a Geology assemblage, a remove and fossil gathering and a grouping of handicrafts, coins, service relics and Gallic furniture.

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