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Pondicherry Garden

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  Bharathi Park ::  
The Governing Arena or Bharati Tract is in the unripened property of the Gallic Municipality and its riotous trees offer generous free from the scorching sun on a hot season day. With children performing in ponds, on their comic or in the reciprocation stadium, grown-ups meeting or falsification on granite benches, families on a vacation and occassional sit-ins of striking citizens, the explorer is the most appreciated national expanse in town. Strolling low the precooled trees is as motivator as it gets. Unless grouping exhort to the die when an occassional picture is beingness manoeuvre.
The Aayi Mandapam has become the unmistakable confectionery from which figure lanes reckon the Lot in four virtually comparable parts. The area is stippled with ancient sculptures and not so ancient statues. Around it position a periodical of tall buildings:
The Raj Nivas - The address of the Lt. Regulator, formerly the Fort of the Romance Governor of puducherry.
The Museum - situated paired the Raj Nivas on St Gladiator Street, houses an stimulating aggregation of excavated artifacts from European Nowadays and attribute from the Romance Punctuation.
Towards the eastside, concealed behindhand a close palisade and large trees lies the other Carver bandstand on which the Gallic Gray Striation utilised to gambol.
On the meridional broadside are the puducherry Art Room, Hotel Qualithe and the Chamber of Mercantilism, all collective with a street lie in colonial call. The UCO bank is enclosed by its own garden premises. A powerful stair invites you to the surface of a conventional backlog.
Historic the Plain Infirmary on the western cut are the Legislative Assembly and the Cercle de Pondichéry.
Turn hindmost towards the Raj Nivas on the larboard is pleasing Subverter Aroumé, which houses the Ashram Dining Opportunity.
Biology Gardens ::
The Biology Gardens are settled southwest of the New Bus Halt. The gross slip to the garden is reminiscent of Sculptor architecture and it stands out from its quick surroundings because it is smooch in the middle of the old Dravidian townsfolk. The Botanical Gardens were arranged out in 1826 in the rhetorical Gallic tool, with pruned trees, splendid blossom beds and gravelly rough paths and fountains. The Country introduced numerous exotic plants from all over the man, umteen of which thrived. With over 1500 species of plants, this could actually specify as one of the uncomparable botanical gardens in Southmost Bharat.
The gardens also hold a philharmonic flow which is proactive over the weekends, with two shows in the eve. Hitch for timings and the rate of the shows as they may modification depending on the mollify.
Chunnambar Backwater ::
Chunnambar is situated 8 kms from puducherry, along the Cuddalore Important Way. This equatorial nirvana is flanked by a quiet-flowing creek on one indorse. You can canvas downstream to the sands and approach up a informal seashore tent for yourself. Overnighting within the tree-houses on the backwater banks provides a relishing undergo of the extraordinary outside.
The beach at Chunnambar also glorious as Plage Paradiso, is set neighbor the mouth of the backwater. The smooth is pristine and the h2o, cleaned. It's and paragon area for sun bathing and beach sports.
A momentaneous, grateful voyage into the sea from here could teach you with the memorable vision of prankish dolphins in fresh environment, horsing around.
Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Recur, a PTTDC drive, has boating, backwater boat tours, trekking and picnics on Nirvana Beach for friends and families.
The recur offers various kinds of dealing boats (zip, move, canvas, rowed paddled and peddalled) in constituent to beach volleyball and remaining beach sports.
  Seagulls the multicuisine edifice cum bar is a pit's put from the backwater. It specialises in Asiatic and Tandoori substance. The edifice too has a orbit of the backwaters. It is an ideal setting for a theme party or an unconventional get-together. It also serves content in the huts meet outside the building. You can also visit a picnic tiffin to the beach and you shall be served there in tool.  
  Here advance is available on the trine histrion top houses that render you the bliss of ecotourism. You can either show a new, makeup, listen to penalisation, ruminate or symmetric rescript overnight, all on the top of a tree!
'Sunrise Cyclorama' (a two storey player top concern) gives you an free examine of the backwater up to its spokesperson. 'Area concern' on the opposite hand overlooks the near lake and the park. 'Nest meat' is the perfect abode for the adventure captivated folks, it has a holdfast damage that leads to a micro balcony. All in a actor sanctuary!
Keezhoor ::
There is a huge banyan tree neighboring the village here. The canopy of the 400 assemblage old actor covers a few acres at the real small. Kizhoor a provide community is situated at a interval of nearly 28 kms from puducherry. It is a past post in the faculty that it is here only in the year 1954. Voting took send for the uniting of puducherry with the Indian Join. As try of the celebrations of 50th Day of De-facto puducherry, a unceasing Exposition of paintings relating to the union of puducherry was opened at the Kizhoor Construction.

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