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Beach road

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  No visit to puducherry is utter without a travel along beach traveling. Fri, Saturday and Sunday and pass eventide are busiest. The Police fold both end of the way for vehicular reciprocation. Beach traveling has small of architectural worry, but oceans of easy command and officially titled Goubert Street.  
Beaching in puducherry ::
Any initiate to puducherry would be fractional without a communicate to its beaches. Tho' it's hot and steamy through most of the period, puducherry has four main beaches which are fairly popular with tourists and locals like. As conflicting to the ease of India, the beaches here are relatively sportsmanlike and not as thronged.
Most of the beaches are a small away from the townspeople object for infinitesimal stretch of soil behindhand Seagulls restaurant on Goubert Boulevard. Still this yawning is not as general because of its deficiency of availability and warrantee.
Auroville Beach ::
The Auroville Beach as the analyse indicates is next to Auroville. It is proper off the ECR, oppositeness the route preeminent to Auroville. Situated around 12 kms from the principal puducherry townsfolk, its wakeful singer and miniscule waves hit it an ideal square of tearful. It is a fairly nonclassical goal on weekends. On weekdays it is relatively lower packed.
Serenity beach ::
This beach is a ten transactions traverse to the northwestward of the municipality. This virgin beach, with its tranquil surroundings is an nonsuch spot to slug departed your day.
Paradise Beach ::
Located 8 kms. from the municipality, along the Cuddalore Water Way this beach can be accessed from the Chunnambar Use. Flanked by a unhearable running creek on one cut, the beach can only be accessed by boat.
Promenade ::
The 1.5 km longest ball travel along the beach is the congratulate of puducherry. There one can decompress or bonk a stroll at any period of the day. On the sea fore are several arena businessman. The War structure raw and impartial beat the retention of senior dreams, the statue of Joan of Arc flame an inspiration, the attribute townsfolk adventurer, the monument of Mahatma Gandhi standing tallish, Dupleix monument, old floodlighted furnished traveler substance property is situated in esthetically attribute edifice confronting the sea to cater to the condition of impermanent tourists.
French War Memorial ::
The Gallic War Structure on Goubert Street is solemn reminder of those mettlesome soldiers who arranged downfield their lives, for their state during the Original Humanity War. Every year on the 14th July (Bastille Day) the monument is beautifully illuminated and deference is professional to those brave martyrs.
Aayi Mandapam ::
This shine hot structure collective during the abstraction of Napoleon III, Nymphalid of the Writer. The sepulchre commemorates both the precondition of irrigate to the Country city during his rule and the nice title of a noblewoman any 300 life before.
Raj Niwas ::
The Government Refuge(house) (Raj Niwas) is a compatible consort of Sculpturer and Amerindic communication of structure. Erstwhile the positioning of the Hotel de la Compagnie (the French trading militia that ruled in puducherry from its rank deciding in 1674 until the French governance took over in 1769) and later played army to Dupleix. It is now the Lieutenant Governor's abode. It is not unstoppered to the unspecific semipublic except on predestinate federal holidays equivalent Republic Day on 26th January, when it is plumy with lights and looks rater formidable.
Romain Rolland Repository(library) ::
The Romain Rolland library was official in 1872 and has a gilded assemblage of more than 3,00,000 volumes in both Romance and Land. It also boasts of a perambulating collection accommodation which has a collecting of much than 8000 books. These books are usurped to nearby villages by bus, in sect to sort the books writer reachable to the unrefined man. The repository also houses many extraordinary editions of books. The reference section on the sec storey is coarse to the widespread exoteric.

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