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  The district of Rupnagar is named after its territory office, the townspeople of Rupnagar. Formerly acknowledged as Ropar, the townsfolk of Rupnagar is said to somebody been supported by a Patrician called Rokeshar, who ruled during the 11th century and titled it after his son Rup Sen. The townsfolk is of extensive antiquity. Past excavations and explorations conducted at Rupnagar point that the first cultivated people to terminate here were the Harappans, who ostensibly reached the berth Satluj towards the dear of tierce millenium B.C. Region was sliced out on Ist November , 1966 at the of re-organization of the Land. The Govern has colorful historical and religious message behindhand it.  
Places to Tour ::
Anandpur Sahib ::
The birthplace of Faith, Anandpur Sahib, is set on the socialist funds of the Sutlej river, 40 kilometers from Rupnagar municipality. The townsfolk was founded by Guru TegBahadur, the ordinal Sikh Guru who purchased the overland from the Aristocrat of Bilaspur.
Guru Gobind Singh came to this townsfolk in 1674 when he was only eighter years old and he spent roughly 25 geezerhood, the better thing of his lifespan in Anandpur Sahib. Gurudwara Keshgarh Sahib is the most big of the shrines as it is here that Faith was created by him in 1699 on the day of Baisakhi (13th Apr). Also, it is at this humanities spot that the Dard Pandits approached the 9th Guru, Shri Teg Bahadur to book them from persecution by the Moguls.
Else burning Gurudwara are Keshgarh Sahib, Manji Sahib, Sis Ganj Sahib, Bhora Sahib, Anandgarh Sahib and Gurudwara Mai Jito related with the ordinal and ordinal Gurus of the Sikhs.
Bhakra Nangal Dam ::
Bhakra Dam which is situated at most 10 kms from Nangal, is one of the highest unpermed sincerity concrete dams in the humanity. The building of the dam started in November, 1955.In its side is cast a splendid lake 'GobindSagar' named after Guru Gobind Singh. It is 96 km in size with a fat store susceptibility of 7.8 cardinal district feet of wet. On the downstream, the dam is flanked by two state houses, one on either view of the river satluj, each fitted with 5 generators, competent of producing a totality of 1050 MW of energy.
Cafeteria has been provided at the top of the dam and also nearly 1 km upstream of the dam. Nutrient sports in GobindSagar possess been further to excrete it a unspoiled traveller assistance. A motorableroda to link Bhakra with Shimla and Kulu valley via Naina Devi tabernacle and Bilaspur has been constructed and this has opened the national of Himachal Pradesh to tourism.
There is a company dam familiar as Nangal Dam which is 1000 feet lengthened and 95 feet lyceum and is meant for diverting liquid into the NangalHydel Canalise. In this way, the Nangal Dam holds up the element of Satluj River forthcoming from Bhakra Dam and forms an bleached lake of 6 km size. The NangalHydel Marketing including Nangal Dam were constructed antecedent to 1954.
Gurudwara Parivar Vichhora Sahib ::
Gurudwara Parivar Vichhora Sahib is situated adjacent to the provide nearer community NangalSirsa, at a indifference of virtually 14 Km from Rupnagar. It has a impressive flight of 84 steps directing upto the top. Guru Gobind Singh along with his menage and masses came to this place leaving the Gather of Anandpur Sahib; He had not yet reached the side of the Sirsa River, 15 Km to the easternmost when he was attacked by a severe detail low Wazir Khan, the Governer of Sirhind. When the Guru was hard busy, another separation of the Mughals delivered an thoroughbred on the basic muckle halting on the river incline. A merciless attempt took guess here in which most of Guru's people unsaved their lives. It is the place where Guru was interior servant of the family to his domestic community, Saheri neighbor Morinda. Mata Sunderi and Mata Sahib Devi, the wives of the Guru were embezzled to City in the pretense of rural women. A Gurudwara titled Parivar Vichhora Sahib marks the position where the sept of the Guru was separated. The thought of the Gurudwara was started in 1963 and completed in 1975. A big ordinary long for figure life is held here yearly in the month of December.
After Breakfast Thrust to Anandpur Sahib, tour Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib is situated at Anandpur Sahib. It is the beginning of the Khalsa. The magnitude of the Faith was supported here by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. Whatever of the weapons of Guru Gobind Singh are displayed here. The most treasured of these is the literal Khanda (twofold unkind weapon) victimised by Guru Gobind Singh to modify amrit old in the freshman Khalsa ceremony ceremonial.

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