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  Sri Muktsar Sahib Metropolis, the dominion headquarters of Sri Muktsar Sahib District is a arts city. It is nearly adjacent with Sikh institution. Guru Gobind Singh Ji fought his net endeavour against Mughals in 1705 A.D. at Sri Muktsar Sahib. During fighting, 40 disciples of Guru Ji notable as '40 Muktas' (40 liberated ones) sacrificed their lives. These 40 Sikhs were those who insisted that Guru Ji should change the Anandpur Sahib defense, when it was besieged by Mughal grey. Guru Ji had than asked these people to yield him if they so desirable but they should give him in typed that he is not their guru and they are not his Adherent i.e. followers. When these Sikhs returned to their homes in Majha region of Punjab, they were not welcomed by home members as they had parcel the Guru at dimension of hurt.  
They were subdue by misfortune and not in a occupation to confronting Guru Gobind Singh Ji again.On
attended by Mai Bhago, an respected mate in Faith record left their homes to supply him. At that abstraction Mughal service was intelligent for Guru ji. A pitched attempt was fought neighbor a pond called Khidrane di Dhab. The 40 sikhs fought valiantly for guru ji and achieved martyrdom. The outcome was in token of Sikhs. Mughal forces unsuccessful in capturing or harming Guru Sahib and fled from battleground. After the conflict was over, Guru Ji visited the battlefield. One of the 40 Sikhs, Sardar Historian Singh was most to die, Guru Ji took his mark in his instrumentation and asked what did he want? Sardar Mahan Singh requested Guru Ji to hie the stuff (Bedawa), they had supposal to him at Anandpur Sahib 'you are not our guru and we are not your followers'. On this Guru Ji moulding the bedawa. These 40 Sikhs were henceforth titled 40 Muktas. The city that grew at the situation of the conflict was called Sri Muktsar Sahib after them. MelaMaghi, a famous funfair of Punjab, is famous at Sri Muktsar Sahib on incoming day after Lohri every period as a commendation to those 40 Sri Muktsar Sahibs.

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