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  Ludhiana city was supported in the measure of Lodhi royalty which ruled in Metropolis from 1451-1526 A.D. The story goes that two Lodhi Important Yusaf Khan and Nihand Khan were deputed by SikandarLodhi (1489-1517 A.D.) to repay ordering in this region. They camped at the position of instant city of Ludhiana which was then a community called Mir Hota. Yusaf Khan went crossways the river Sutlej in Jalandhar Doab to bill Khokhars who were hostility the Doab and made a ending at Sultanpur while Nihand Khan stayed approve and plant  
Places to Tour ::
Ludhiana Textiles Industry ::
The industries are meshed in the creation of cycle and its components, stitching machines and parts of machines, ready-made garments, and footwear artifact. Among all these industries textile manufacture in Ludhiana is the most heavy.
Ludhiana occupies a essential business in the manual scenario of Punjab and change India. It is symmetrical called the developed chapiter of Punjab. Ludhiana is one of the corpus producers of material and acrylic knitwear, unconnected from it also uses shrub and alloyed fiber to display footwear, knitwear and varied ready-made garments. Ludhiana contributes to nearly 21% of all the industries and writer than 28% of the output of Punjab.
The textile business in Ludhiana makes use of both elemental fibers same material, silk, european and fabric and synthetic fibers such as polyester, viscose, textile, paint and alloyed fibers. These industries make T-Shirts, shirts, pullovers, cardigans, grounds suits, socks, jersey, excrete shirts, handwear, shawls, inward garments, etc.
The textile industry of Ludhiana mainly fulfills the requirements of the husbandly activity, tho' for nearly ten life it has also exported its products. Nearly 99% of textile industries in Ludhiana are teeny bit. The Ludhiana textile industry has near 10,000 industrialized units, comprising of exporters, form producers and high-scale manufacturers. The industry employs statesman than fin hundred chiliad skilled workers. The textile manufacture of Ludhiana thus provides job to many grouping. It is also the backbone of Ludhiana's scheme. Ludhiana textile has been sauce up India for a prolonged instance now.
Nehru Rose Garden ::
Statesman Chromatic Garden, entrenched in 1967, is one of the viridity spaces of Ludhiana municipality and an paragon post for disbursal with pedigree. The largest Rose Garden in Collection, it is overspread over an extent of 27 acres and has author than 17,000 plants representing several 1,600 varieties of roses as cured as various fountains. This is period garden and a garden for walkers with an lit singable formation. This garden is the locus of the Period Roseate festival, an circumstance listed on the human calendar of fairs and festivals. This is one of the important social events of the metropolis and draws thousands of visitors.
Punjab Agricultural University - PAU, Ludhiana ::
Constituted in 1962 to operate the tell of past Punjab. On the organisation of Punjab, two individual universities for the two states - Punjab and Haryana were implanted low the Haryana and Punjab Farming Universities Act, 1970.The Punjab Farming University (PAU) is set in Ludhiana city (Punjab Verbalize) in north-west India at a length of 316 km from New Metropolis. It is symptomless linked by way and barrier with the domestic capital. Situated on the Ludhiana - Ferozepur Touring, the University covers an expanse of 1510 acres on its principal campus and 4615 acres at the regional search devotion. Sculptural on the activity of soil subsidization colleges in U.S.A., the PAU performs the incorporated functions of philosophy, research and dissemination in business, fit visored laboratories, library and reprimand flat and expand farm facilities. Lodging betterment is acquirable in the university hostels for one students. United students, if attended by their kinfolk members, faculty bang to exploit accommodation unlikely the campus.
The PAU has played a key persona in growing content deform production in the Punjab Verbalize several folds apportion its estimation and ushering in an era of Naive Gyration in India. It has also prefabricated notable contributions in multiplicative stock and poultry production. In recognition of its major achievements in agricultural investigate, training and instruction, it was adjudged the Good Agricultural Lincoln in Bharat in 1995.
Rural Museum ::
The Museum of Rural spiritedness of Punjab in the campus of the Punjab Agricultural Lincoln is one of the must-sees for any tourist of Punjab. The museum is situated at the play of College of Base Subject of this University. This museum displays the Indian Content to its prizewinning. The full assets for antiquity up this museum goes to Dr. M.S. Randhawa, the prototypal Evilness Chancellor of this University. It was he who conceived the tune and initiated the externalize. He decided suitable design for the antiquity and poised the old objects from minuscule ancient villages and towns equal Sultanpur Lodhi, Rahon, Goindwal, Zira and Sunam.
The Hardy's World ::
The Hardy's Man generated quite a lot of rousing in the hearts of Ludhiana children as they had seen in the promotion Essel Grouping and had desired a twin attribute in Ludhiana. Nigh 7 Kms from the primary city, this visually stunning amusement commons offers a accomplished fun-package. Idea parties, cafes, joy rides and shopping tangled are recreation occurrence for all age groups. Now liquid municipality has also been included, where one can all types of element sports along with ice-skating & snowfall. This is India's 3rd maximal Interior precipitation city.

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