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  This ancient municipality is believed to someone been supported by FerozeshahTughluq in the 14th century. FerozeshahTughluq , out of his agony for new cities, stacked umteen mosques, monasteries and colleges and renamed numerous of the old ones after his own denote. As a lawful worker of God, he believed in providing semipublic places to the old and the learned grouping, so that they could pray and worship in these spot places. Ferozepur witnessed more noncombatant expeditions, because of its strategic position in the point of the country.
Mudki, placed 20 miles south-east of Ferozepur was the opening field for the action between Noble Hardinge and the Sikhs. The primary Anglo-Sikh war was fought in Ferozepur in 1845. It was because of the neglect of the Island officer at Ferozepur, that the Khalsa was competent to meet the river Sutlej unopposed. During the prime Anglo-Afghan war, Nation troops sophisticated to Kabul from here in 1838.
The stockpile of river Sutlez in Ferozepur was the terminal resting base for iii large martyrs of Bharat's immunity assay Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, who were hanged for their deep patriotism and revolutionionary activities against the Land Polity. On Resist 23, 1931, these triad heroes were hanged in Metropolis and were stealthily cremated in the late of dark close Ferozepur.
On Resist 23 every period thousands of fill sew at ShaheedBhagat Singh Commemoration to pay homage to these exalted heroes. Ferozepur has added arts remembrance, the Saragarhi Gurudwara, ceremony the relinquish of 21 Adherent soldiers who perished at Saragarhi in Baluchistan. On 12 Sept, every assemblage, grouping assembling here to pay approval to the epic soldiers and celebrate Saragarhi Day.
Places to Tour ::
Jain Swetamber Temple ::
This ancient Temple improved in 1890 A.D. has paries paintings which represent the ancient Faith society and account. The primary effigy, believed to be one of the most inspirational and ancient, was brought from PalitanaSidhgri in State. The tabernacle also has monument idols, whatsoever of which escort rearward to cardinal century period.
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Memorial ::
This is the cremation situation for the loyal immunity fighters: Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were cremated here.
Saragarhi Memorial Gurudwara ::
A attempt took space here in 1897, on the Samana Ridgepole of the Hindoo Kush and Sulleiman Ranges, when 21 soldiers of the 36th Religion (afterwards 4th Sikhs) regiment had died operational against the local tribal chiefs. The story of the endeavor is taught in Gallic schools and forms piece of the 8 narratives of clustered bravery publicised by UNESCO. On 12th Sep every period, thousands of grouping forgather here to pay respect to the martyrs.
Anglo-Sikh War Memorial Ferozeshah ::
This credit was set up in 1976 A.D. The portraits of alpha historical personalities and fight scenes screw been portrayed here by artists, Jaswant Singh and Kirpal Singh along with whatsoever of the weapons.

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