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  Faridkot was the capital municipality of the once princely Express of Faridkot. The municipality is titled after the famous Moslem unworldly laureate Baba Farid. Baba Farid, whose play has plant a spectacular point in the spot Guru Granth Sahib, was engaged as a workman when he prototypal came to this expanse. But on seeing a inspired apocalypse, Ruler Farid was allowed to quit. The containerful given to him to diffuse object was seen floating without any link.  
In his reward the municipality was renamed as Faridkot. The municipality now has a spot of baba Farid called 'Chila Baba Farid'.Faridkot has umteen o.k. structures, the most copernican beingness the once Thoroughbred business now construction the Govern Courts, Journalist Accommodation, Measure Predominate, DarbarGanj and the stadium. The townsfolk also houses former measure's fortress and a inclose. The townsfolk of Faridkot also figures prominently in the attempt for Indian independence
Places to Tour ::
Darbar Ganj ::
This beautiful bungalow is a fine laid out garden spot. All the rooms are through in the most stylish call. The guests from the sisterlike states utilised DarbarGanj for strip. The construction has now been converted into Track Accommodation.Now This intricate also houses the staff of Commissioner Faridkot, Partitioning Faridkot.
Gurdwara Godari Sahib ::
This determine is situated on the out skirts almost 4 K.M. on Faridkot-Kotkapura traveling. It is believed that Baba Sheikh Farid mitt his godari (Crown) there before ingress Faridkot townsfolk. A picturesque gurdwara was constructed in 1982 and a SantSarover was subsequent constructed at this gauge. Sizeable numbers of group stay this approximate every Thursday and also involve room in this Sarover.
Gurdwara Tilla (Chilla) Baba Farid ::
This is as old as the town-self. This guess is situated nighest the Qilla Mubarak. Baba Farid remained at this estimate in musing for 40 days before proceedings to Pakpattan. Besides position of Tilla Baba Farid. A sublime opus of writer with which Baba ji wiped his keeping littered with mud has been desiccated to - date. Shabad-Kirtan is recited get regular and Langer is also served every day to the group impermanent this estimate. The beggarly also get daily langer, larger wares of group see this blessed localise on every Thursday to pay their submission to the eager Mohammedan Fear.
Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib ::
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is said to score visited Jaitu on 15th Apr, 1706. Here Guru Ji stayed at a Soil Dune (Tibba) warm hamlet Jaitu and experienced arrows shot with remaining sikhs. Grouping congregate here on 10th Phalguna every year in store of the sikhs who scarified their lives during JaituMorcha and this is noted as ShaheediJorMela.

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