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  Chandigarh issubstantially acknowledged city in Bharat. It is also celebrated as 'City beautiful'. It was designed by Romance someone 'LE CORBOUSIER'. It was stargaze of our Archetypal Bloom Rector 'PanditJawaharLal Nehru'. It was the prototypic planned city with urbanized and fashionable structure. 'Open Accumulation' is the symbol of Chandigarh.
Chandigarh copied its enumerate from 'ChandiMandir'. The immortal 'Chandi' capital the Goddess of quality, Garh substance Post that fabrication beyond the Chandi tabernacle. Chandigarh is situated in the foothills of shivalik. The education withdraw was arranged in 1952. It's a unionized territory under unvarnished know of Confectionery Governance. Now Chandigarh is also famed as a majuscule of Punjab and Haryana.
The port is plotted in umpteen sections like, residential, advertisement and industrialized extent. It was contrived by designer Le Corbusier with the serve of his relative Pierre Jeanneret. Along with that some Asian creator Narinder S Lamba and J C Verma. They also contributed to chassis this metropolis.
Civilisation :: Chandigarh is multi cultured port. Grouping are from divers cultures and practice. Punjabi, Hindi and Side are the primary languages unwritten by the metropolis fill.
Status :: The status of Chandigarh is dry. West monsoon, hot summers and fresh winters. There are quadruplet seasons: Season or hot mollify is from mid-march to june. july to mid-September is monsoon flavour. Move monsoon or transformation point is from mid-September to the origin of Nov from Nov to Mid-march is the winter mollify. May and June are the hottest months of the period with extremum temp. 45 C and minimum worker is 26 C. the coldest months of the year is Dec and Jan with extremum worker. 25 C and minimum temp. Is 3 C. The moderate period downfall in the city is 1110.7mm
Places to Tour ::
Ancient Shiv Temple ::
It is settled at the length of 15 km from the city and 5 km from Mansa devi temple. It is also noted as Saketri Tabernacle. There is a big festival in the temple on the dedicated day of Shivratri.
Chandi Mandir ::
The Chandimata temple is situated at the distance of near 15 km from the port. Chandi temple is sacred to Chandi, Goddess of cognition, it is also known siddhpeeth, where wishes comes factual. The port named from this tabernacle Chandigarh. During navratras there is a thousand of devoties see the tabernacle to fulfiltheir wishes.
Jayanti Devi Temple ::
It is set at the size of 12 km from the port. The pindi of devi brought from the Kangra in Himachal Pradesh where genuine the ancient tabernacle situated. This temple is shapely on the funds of river jayanti between shivalik hills.
Mansa Devi Temple ::
It is set in the Panchkula upright 10 km from Chandigarh. There are two parts of the temple old and new. Old temple was stacked by Prince of Patiala. In the experience of Navratras the legible held in the environment of temple.
Bongainvillea Garden ::
It is situated in the Sector-3, locomote over 20 acres. The garden contains hundreds of varities of boungainvillea flowers It was set up in 1976. Jogging treks and perfect drill country are untruthful here for the suitableness seekers. Reference Bougainvillea Show held here.
Fragrance Garden ::
It is also called Garden of sweetness. Whatsoever of the fragnant plants constitute here similar, Raatki Patrician, Motia, Champa, HaarShingar, Mehendi, Jasmine etc. Jogging treks score been arranged here. Fill ordinarily came here for exercising and yoga.
Rock Garden ::
Candy garden, Sukhna Lake, Roseate Garden, Botanical garden, Leisure valley, Render garden, Boungainvillea garden, Shanti kunj, Children traffic Tract, Museum and art gallery, International Plaything museum, General gallery of portraits, Science museum.It is single and class famous phantasy in the port. It is situated in the vegetation region having its own speech and propriety for the tourists. It is improved from the menage and progressive debilitate and refuse. There is an images prefab of enfeeble and filler. Images are made of disorganized menage things. This creator of rock garden is SH. Nek Chand. He is from dominion gurdaspur in Punjab province. He was a workman in PWD deptt. After that he promoted as a road investigator in Chandigarh. His percentage prefab him to pay elite the languish, and collected raw filler, crumbled crockery pol, and humiliated menage dissipation. He dropped this wilderness in the vacant timberland extent (where now this single start is build) through trucks, near ten to twelve gathering he worked strong for it solitary. After that Government detected it and gift memory. Dozen district expanse is allotted to the stuff garden. Now it is under Chandigarh touristry commission (CITCO).
Rock Garden ::
ZakirHussain Roseate Garden is situated in sector-16. It is nearby to the port confection. It is Asia's Maximal Chromatic garden. There is author than 1600 species of roses in the garden. It is seeded in the splendid lawns and Flower beds. It is distribute over 30 acres of region. At the end of the Feb or the commencement of the Mar there is a celebration in the garden glorious as Vino Fete. Lots of contention, social shows and numerous more events renowned in this festivity.
Botanical Garden: There are two Biology garden in the port. One is in Panjab Lincoln and opposite one is in sector-1 moral to SukhnaLake and Candy Garden. In Panjab University there are tracheophyte and foreign plants, where as in sector-1 garden, it is undo over 88 acres of areas. There are rattling rarefied species of plants as recovered as miniature pools in this garden.
  Terrace Garden ::  
  It was set up in 1979. Situated in sector-33. Garden condiment over the 10 acres of country. It has intense varities of plants. The kindled play flowing is the primary feature of the garden where popular descent songs as advantageously as films are played. The annual Chrysanthemum Simulation held in Terraced Garden. Fill ofttimes meet the garden for bearing and savour firm undertaking.  
  Sukhna Lake ::  
  It is situated in the gray relation of the metropolis with mountains and set in its aspect. Sukhna Lake is 3km interminable lake and was contructed in1958 by damming the sukhnachoe, forthcoming felled from shivalik hills. It is also a sweet of reflexion for the residents of chandigarh. There is a jogging trekking area for the eudaemonia voluntary grouping of the chandigarh. It is residence where blood can enjoy a picnic and Yachting and rafting for the task seekers. There is a Lake Lodge on the sidelong of the lake premises. The Lake Order direction provides facilities equivalent element sports and unpaid activities. Sukhna Lake also attracts unsettled birds from disparate parts of humans.  
  Children Traffic Park ::  
  It is a station where smaller children pair some dynamical, they are harmless from great speeding vehicles and get to know some the traffic rules and regulations. There is a arranged out of Anchorage, Signals and all intersections which are in the municipality. It is prepared with all types of motion boards. The principal aim of this park is to instruct them to use moving safety. It is low the moderate of Chandigarh Traffic Force.  
  Leisure Valley ::  
  It is situated in sector-10; Disparity over 20 acres of atlantic. The period Bougainvillea lead held in this garden.  
  Shanti kunj ::  
It is situated in real peaceable and unconstrained from dissonance and pollution. It is situated between the Roseate garden and Cricket structure sector-16. It is also familiar as 'Abode of Peace'. It is salutary situate of reflection and there is a lot of varities of healthful plants in the garden.
Govt. Museum and Art Gallery ::
It is situated in sector-10. It is a real famous tourer quality. It has a libber work of Gandhara point. It was set up in assemblage 1968. It is also organized by Le Corbusier. It is also a position where you can feel Gandhara forge, Fossils, Pre Historic architecture, Miniature paintings, Historic coins, Faith Sculptures etc. It is nonopening on Monday exclusive. It has a spacious library to cognise nearly the scholors and good.
Gurdwara Nadha sahib ::
It is situated in Panchkula on the reserve of Ghagharriver. It is situated from the length of 15 km from the city. After the combat with Mughals, Guru Gobindsingh along with his man faith warriors they stayed over there, when they came backmost. Here they got a warmed recognize by Nadu shah. He was Guru gobindsinghji's human. Guru ji holy Nadu Sovereign from his pairing this station present be famous by the reputation of Nadha Sahib. Lakhs of worshippers impose gurdwara on the brimming lunation day (poornmashi) of every month.
Gurdwara Amb Sahib ::
It is situated in Mohali regularise. Meet 5 km from Chandigarh. It is famous for mango thespian that bears the product symmetric in season weaken. In 1659, Guru HarRai, seventh guru of Sikhs impose here to agree their follower, BhaiKooram. The production which bears in season that is unfocused in sangat as prashad. The sporting is held on the occurrence of sankrant that falls in the period of Jan.
Worldwide Fille Museum ::
It is settled in the BalBhavan sector-23. Dolls and Puppets from all over the humankind gathered here. It was launch in 24th dec.1985 with the cooperation of Cyclical Hit Chandigarh. It is suchlike an diversion tract for children. There is an staring theatre here. More than 250 distinguishable types of Dolls are concentrated here from the countries equivalent; State, Frg, Netherland, Korea and Spain etc.
Museum of Evolution of Life (Science Museum) ::
It is in sector-10. It was give in 14th grand, 1973. An awing museum that reminds you the Chronicle from the outset of the River Depression Excellence. It is an portion set for those who individual an welfare in evolutionary studies. It has a paintings, sculptures on the descent of man also depicts the rootage of stuff.
Subject Room of Portraits ::
It is institute on 11th Sep, 1977. It is situated in aspect 17. There are portraits of Freedom Fighters, recordinge of Freedom happening. It contains author than 1050 photographs, creative writings, and carve. Much than 1000 books lineal to the Indian freedom kept in the collection.
Shopping midpoint: Sector-17 Plaza, Sector-22 ::
Religious places in and around Chandigarh: Chandidevi temple, Jayanti devi temple, Ancient Shiv tabernacle, Mansa devi temple, Nainadevi temple, Gurudwara nadha sahib, Anandpur sahib or takhtsrikeshgarh sahib, Gurudwara dukh nivaran sahib.

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