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  Bathinda, one of the small places in Punjab has a colourful religious and social acquisition. The record of the Bhatinda is related with a size of religions. The past monuments in the gauge are reminiscent of not only the Faith civilisation but also that of Hindus and Muslims. It was in the jungles of Bhatinda that the 10th Guru, ShriGobind Singh Ji fought the Ruler forces. The locate has a size of Gurudwaras dating bet to the times of the Ruler Sovereign, Aurnagzeb. The regularize derives its phratry from the regularize headquarters municipality of Bathinda, which is of eager antiquity. According to Khalifa Muhammad Hassan, communicator of Chronicle of Patiala, its ancient calumny was Bikramgarh. According to raverty, Bathinda was acknowledged as Tabarhindh (Labb-ut-Twarikh). According to IbnBatuta it was famous as Batrind. The early notice of Tabarhindh occurs in the "Jami-U
and Bitunda which eventually get notable as Bhatinda. But its calumny was exchanged to Bathinda on the authority of Sight of India to change to the phonetical constituent as locally pronounced. In recent present the townsfolk was conquered by Maharaja Ala Singh (nighest near 1754 AD) and since then it followed the history of once princely refer of Patiala. With the hour of indendence and merger of Patiala and Eastbound Punjab States into a division styled at PEPSU, Bathinda transmute inundated fledged regularise which states has one regularise after the integration of PEPSU with erstwhile Punjab Suggest in 1956.
It consists of 285 villages out of which 281 are underpopulated and 4 are untenanted, octonary towns and one census townsfolk.
Places to Tour ::
Damdama Sahib ::
From the historical punctuation of study, the important guess in the regulate is Talwandi Sabo (Damdama Sahib) linked with the history of Sikhs.
The hamlet of Talwandi tehsil popularly illustrious as Damdama Sahib situated 18 miles south of Bathinda. It is the locus of colourfulBaisakhi fair. After his fierest action with the Mughals at Anandpur Sahib, Chamkaur Sahib and Muktsar, Guru Gobind Singh old to the jungle of Malwa. He unstrained and took intermission (Dam) at Talwandi Sabo and thence its gens Damdama Sahib. The Guru stayed here nine months and digit days. He made the spot a Heart for spreading his ngo and thence its analyze Guru-ki- Kanshi. He re-dictated Adi-Granth here and titled the set as Khalse Da Takhat. A honor was also precooked mien the "Akal Sahai Guru Gobind Singh jikiJagha-TakhatDamdama Sahib ji
This put had been visited originally by Guru TegBahadur, the theologian of Guru Gobind Singh. Damdama Sahib is also the office of Nihangs. There are ten Gurudwaras and tierce tanks.
The tierce tanks are; NanksarSarover, AkalsarSaroveer and GurusarSarover. The front named vessel is related with Guru Nanak Devji who is said to possess visited this settlement in 1510 A., D. during his wares Pad Yatra to Rajputana. The AkalsarSarover is related with Guru GobindSinghji and a sip of wet from it is believed to be a passport against any disease and scourage. The GurusarSarover is said to soul been dug up low the orders of Guru TegBahadurji.
Qila Mubarak ::
The old awe-inspiring retic of its once splendour is the defence at Bathinda which is largest than its competitors at City, Phillour and Hanumangarh. It stands as a large watcher in the nerve of the municipality.
Every twelvemonth, Sri Guru GobindSinghji also stayed in this enclose. It has long fascinating record behindhand it.
Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant & Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant ::
Guru Nank Dev Thermic Organism has cardinal units of 210 MW capacities each for quality breeding. Latterly other thermic being at LehraMuhabat has also rise up to gather the multiplicative demands of noesis. This plant has two units of 210 MW capacities for land generation.
Maiser Khana ::
The Maisar Khana mandir 29 km from Bathinda on Bathinda-Mansa Roadworthy. According to a fable, the jyoti of Mata Jawala appeared to release darshan to a pinched devotee who could not communicate durga temple at Jawala Ji.
Every period, Two Melas are held where lacs of devotees rise to acquire Darshan of Jawalaji.

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