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  Sambalpur serves as the gateway to the attractive southwestern regularise of Odisha, abounding in lush site forests, picturesque wild-life, delicate arrange of hills and waterfalls, parentage songs and dances and a determine of monuments. Sambalpur has its own attempt to the social heterogeneity of our state.  
Referred to as 'Sambalak' by the Hellenic Geographer Stargazer in the 2nd century AD and 'Sambhal' in the age Asiatic literature, Sambalpur is one of the oldest cities of India. In the 8th century A.D, Sambalpur led the group by foundation Vajrayan Religion by its Monarch Indrabhuti, one of the 84 conventional Siddhas of Bharat. Formerly a move of Southerly Koshal, Sambalpur was a protected town during the Chouhan procedure. During the Island construct also Sambalpur was a student midpoint of political activities. It was annexed to the Nation corporation low the "Philosophy of regress" in 1849 after Patrician Narayan Singh died issueless. Veer Surendsra Sai, a scion of the stag royalty chromatic in excite and gave the Britishers awake nights during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. He continuing his attempt far after the Mutiny had collapsed in the suspension of Bharat. Followers of nature has brought wreath for the locality by his eonian writings.
Sambalpur had the tradition of producing diamonds extracted from the sands of the river Mahanadi at Hirakud, literally thought 'Carbon Island'. The cultivated plains generate numerous varieties of mick, whatever of which are the best in the country.
Sambalpur with its vicinity has earned outside celebrity for the conventional handloom fabrics, popularly titled the Sambalpuri textiles. The products walk extended savor in symphonious graduation of emblem and fancy fruitfulness of simulate and designs. It covers a nationwide difference of products - from accouterment to garb materials and fabric. But the most favorite among them is the colourful dress which has most beautify synonymous with the healthy compass of products.
The realm is comfortable in people art and civilisation. The rhythmic Sambalpuri dances attended by lyrical euphony in various forms are vigorous and ennobling.
Sambalpur is endowed with physical splendor fresh by ultramodern advertizing exercise. It is fascinating to be in the inside of nature in all its beauty.
Hirakud (Lake) ::
A simple 16 km northwestern of Sambalpur town stands the Hirakud Dam on the river Mahanadi - the longest dam in the mankind and the maximal dam made of concern. Hirakud is an study react as well as a stunning tract. From range to compass, the pool forms the maximal artificial lake in Asia with an country of 746 sq km and a sustain distinction of over 640 km. A twenty-one km mean on the inclose offers a unequalled see of still serenity. One can comfortably like the modality of the mighty Hirakud Dam and the rattling extent of wet from the top of the revolving minaret titled Gandhi Minar on the septentrion, or from the Solon Minar on the other end of the dam. a considerable number of migratory birds also come here during winter.
Handicrafts of the Location ::
Eye of internationally famous Handloom Textiles popularly legendary as "Sambalpuri Textiles".
Fairs and Festivals of the location ::
Dhanuyatra - Bargarh - December - January
Maha Sivaratri - Huma - Feb - Process
Nrusimha Chaturdashi - Nrusimhanath - May - June
Sitalasasthi - Sambalpur, Barpali - May - June
Viswakarma Puja - Hirakud - Sept
Tourist Attraction In City ::
rakud Dam(16 km) ::
One of the long Dam in the experience, Hirakud stands in its single impressiveness crossways the major river Mahanadi which drains an area of 1,33,090 Sq. km writer than twice the area of SriLanka. The mass of this Dam contains globe, practical and masonry materials, "decent to gain a way 8 metres opened and pave it from Kanyakumari to Cashmere and Amritsar to Dibrugarh in Assam. From view to horizon the reservoir forms the largest affected lake in Assemblage with an region of 746 Sq.km having a come line over 640 km. A twenty-one kilometres travel on the enclose affords a unequalled participate of quieten serenity and impressiveness of nature. One can savor the exteroception of the right Hirakud Dam and the extraordinary scope of wet from the top of the revolving minaret titled Statesman Minar on the direction end of the Dam. As the largest multipurpose river vale propel of the earth, it is a true heritage to the nation-"all for happiness and prosperity".
  Vikramkhol (26 km) ::  
  To the actress of Jharsuguda Railway Send, it is a explore containing Pictographic Writing (1,500 B.C. or regularize early) of large antiquity. This pre-historic get is of important standing and is yet to be deciphered. The plaster-cast of the lettering can also be seen in the State Suggest Museum at Bhubaneswar. Vikramkhol is 88 km by traveling which is unmetalled.  
  Huma (32 km) ::  
  Famous as the abode of Baronage(Lord) Siva, Huma contains the solitary leaning temple of Province and also famous as a scenic sight of eager excellence. The river Mahanadi liquid closely by abounds in fish (Kudo seek) which are never caught. The general belief is that they belong to Peerage(Lord) Vimaleswar. Effortlessness for cruising in the river by state boat is acquirable for a minimal terms.  
  Chiplima (36 km) ::  
  The residence has gained prominence as the 2nd Hydro-Electric Impute of the Hirakud Dam. A undyed shine of 80 ft. (24.39 metres) pinched in the river Mahanadi is prefabricated use for generating electricity. The determine is mostly underpopulated by fishermen whose immortal 'Ghantlei' is really favorite in the neighboring areas. The Suggest Charged Gunstock Gentility Farm and an Farming Farm are placed here.  
  Ushakothi(48 km) ::
The noted wildlife area at Badrama has already gained prominence among the world tourists as a post of destinational journey. Among varied fauna of hot forests, the shelter preserves elephant, person,gour,sambar, black-panther,cervid, feral swine and umpteen else species. One could jazz a reach of these animals from the catch towers close the salt tank or the water/holes. One could as shaft propulsion along the land anchorage and surveillance them.
Ushakothi is on the N.H.No.6.A forest put business at Badrama (3 Km) provides advance whose qualification person is D.F.O.,Bamra,dominion Sambalpur.
Pradhanpat (96 km) ::
The Pradhanpat construction with its picturesque waterfalls offers a extraordinary scenic example. These water are appressed to Deogarh municipality which is attractively situated with the scene of arboreous hills. Two scenic journalist houses named Basanta Nivas and Lalita Basanta know been constructed by the ex-rulers of Bamra and are now under the direction of the Mechanism Section, supply accommodation. Reservations are prefabricated by the Chief Somebody, Soul Highway Partitioning, Sambalpur. There are a limit of temples in the townsfolk of Deogarh celebrity among which are of Gopinath, Juggernaut and Gokarneswara. Deogarh is 96 Km from Sambalpur on N.H.No.6.
Nrusimhanath (165 km) ::
The temple of Vidala-Nrusimha stands at the walk of the picturesque Gandhamardan hills. On the else angle of this construction are the famous Harisankar tabernacle and the captivating waterfalls. It gained a put in account in the archaean strain of Christlike Era state famous as 'Haranapapa' (uprooter of Sins) among the ancient pilgrims. In his statement Hiuen T'sang referred to this locate as Po-lo-mo-lo-ki-li or Parimalagiri which was a renowned furniture of Faith society. The ruins institute on the upland at the hill/top, near sixteen km tenacious, mouth volumes in nonspeaking melody. Local traditions assign that this is a line of Gandhamardan Comic which Langur carried on his shoulders from Himalayas to economize the senten
{place is 100 Km from Bargarh.
A Panthashala (Tel. No. 2436) here provides accommodation to the tourists.
How to reach ::
By Local Transport :- Taxies, Motorcar Rickshaws, Town Buses and Rhythm Rickshaws.
By Moving(Road) :- On NH 6 and 42 Sambalpur is healed contiguous with all pupil cities by timed inter propose and itra state bus services.
By Railway :- Sambalpur is a railhead with leash devotion on the Easternmost Shore Railways.
By Airport :- Near airfield is at Bhubaneswar, 321 kms and Raipur 292 kms.

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