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  Nature has showered its generosity on the undivided Koraput territory with limitless joy. This dominion abounds in meadows, forests, waterfalls, terraced valleys and darting springs. This shore of quantity is internal to Odisha's vast tribal population. A factual paradise for the nature-lover, Koraput offers an further benefit to the visitor of basic cooperator convergence with its ancient civilisation.  
Jeypore is the commercial fascicle confection of Koraput district and has all specified facilities to spend as the handy assumption for visiting the places of touch in and around.
Tourist Attraction In City ::
Bagra ::
A magic waterfall on the river Kolab and an nonsuch vacation spot.
Duduma ::
The glittering falls (157.5 metres) has been catenulate by the Machhakund river here. Its waters are used to argue a huge hydroelectric send. Machhakund is an historic station for journey. It is called `Matsya Tirtha'. A fair township has grown around this lovely expanse. Duduma is active 92 km off from Koraput.
Gupteswar ::
Lord Shiva reigns dominant at Gupteswar, the famous cave enclose set atop a huge limestone comedian, enclosed by attractive countryside. The inviolable lingam is called `Gupteswar', the Hidden God and is overmuch sublime as Gupta Kedar by the group of nearby Madhya Pradesh who throng the hillside to worship the god.
Hatipathar ::
Natural boulders distributed amidst Hatipathar's splendiferous surroundings materialize to be elephants in bound pale. Flowing through a deep valley, the Nagavali river carves out two marvellously waterfalls in its path message several lovely holiday spots -about 112 km from Koraput.
Minna Jhola ::
On the blend of cardinal rivers, Minna Jhola is a perfect residence to unwind and enjoy a day in the sun. The Shiva Tabernacle here is the adjust of hectic activities on Shiv Ratri. You can approach Minna -Jhola from Gunupur via Gudari, 245 km from Koraput.
Nandapur ::
Here you can see the famous ‘Batris Simhasan’ (a throne with 32 steps)
Papadahandi ::
The Shiva Temple with Champak trees is worth visiting.
Sunabeda ::
Ensconced in the riotous valleys of the Koraput region, Sunabeda is a wonderful representative of Odisha's gorgeous landscapes - verdant and innervating. The organization of the Aero--Engine Mill speaks of the improvement growth of this region.
Getting There ::
Visakhapatnam (220 km) in Andhra Pradesh and Bhubaneswar (521 km) are the closest Airport for Jeypore which is on N. H. No. 43 coupled by symmetrical bus services from Bhubaneswar, Berhampur and separate great towns of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh & Chhatisgarh. The near wader progress is Rayagada.

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