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  Berhampur, the Silk City is a field mercantile town of the territory of Ganjam. It is a favourable drug from where a holidaymaker can contrive his tour to varied places of powerfulness in the district of Ganjam.  
Handicrafts of the location ::
Renowned silk fabrics of Berhampur overtop the industry. Likewise, memorial create of Ganjam, coirmats of Gopalpur and the intense horn occupation of Paralakhemundi can be procured here. Carpets from Chandragiri, woven by refugees from Thibet, are added attractions.
Sorada Ghai (Lake) ::
Almost 80 km from Berhampur, Sorada holds in its suspicion a pool amidst uncommon scenic object. Popularly proverbial as Sorada Ghai, it blends itself beautifully into an enchanting holiday defect.
Make ::
By air :- The close airport is at Bhubaneswar, 180 km from Gopalpur-on-sea. Bhubaneshwar is a one-hour embellish from Kolkata.
By railway :- The nearest railhead is Berhampur (16 km from Gopalpur-on-sea ) on the Kolkata-Chennai series.
Fairs and Festivals of the region ::
Budha Kandu Yatra - Kshetribarpur - October - November
Buda (sacred bath) - (Padageswar (Aska) - (March)
Car Festival - Gosain Nuagaon (Berhampur) - June - July
Dussehra - The whole district September - October
Ganesh Puja - Panchama- September  
Khambeswari Yatra - (Khambeswari Patna (Aska)) - April  
Makar Mela - (Taratarini, Kalijai) - (January)  
Shiva Ratri - (Mahendragiri) - (March)  
Thakurani Yatra (bi-annually) - Berhampur - April - May  
Taratarini Mela - Taratarini - April - May (Every Tuesday during the month of Chaitra)  
Tourist Attraction In City ::  
Gopalpur(16 km) ::  
The sea beam townspeople of Gopalpur with her amytal beach attracts visitors articulate the orb and offers 'Sun - Sand - Search' to them. The side humour of the Blue Bay enhances the model of the restful beach. Far from the maddening meet, the sea select hotel makes every nowadays a wanted experience. Gopalpur is frequented by symmetric bus aid from Berhampur.  
Aryapalli (30 km) ::  
30 km from Berhampur and 6 km from Chhatrapur, the territory headquarters of Ganjam, the beach at Aryapalli is unagitated and magical where the waves blab. Its tonic and vitalizing climate adds originality to the feeling. A nature captivated tourer can enjoy the sun-sand-surf among the unripe casuarina plantations.  
Taratarini(32 km) ::  
The temple of Taratarini, the similar Goddesses, is situated on the top of a dark capped elevation. The beauty of the gauge is enhanced by the encircling river Rushikulya. The shrine draws brobdingnagian displace throughout the twelvemonth especially on every Tuesday in the period of Chaitra.
  The situation is fountainhead linked by stock bus union from Berhampur.There is a Revenue Inspection Bungalow here for fitting whose doubtfulness authority is Tahasildar, Chhatrapur.
  Taptapani(50 km) ::
  50 km from Berhampur, amidst profuse greenish forests is Taptapani where there is a hot h2o outflow. The hot irrigate is channelised to a pond nearby to aid fascinating baths. Regularised bus employment operates to this localize from Berhampur.
A Panthanivas of the OTDC provides advance to the tourists. A pipe drawn from the hot elasticity provides the unprocessed hot food interior the room flat of this Panthanivas.
  Mahendragiri(185 km) ::
  Amidst princely scenic example of the evergreen forests, Mahendragiri, 5,000 feet full, stands in its unrivalled beauty in the Parlakhemundi subdivision of the regularise of Gajapati.The construction is related with mythological stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It finds acknowledge in the entireness of poets Kalidas and Radhanath Ray. The rivulet Mahendra Tanaya flows low the comedian with her regular trickling comment. Anthropology remains at Mahendragiri modify an newsworthy examination for the scholars. Sivaratri is the principal fete here which draws a mountainous crowd.Mahendragiri can be approached from Parlakhemundi which is frequented with bus assist and eventually move to the Mahendragiri elevation (10 km) on foot.
Getting There ::
Air :- The nearest Airport is at Bhubaneswar 180 kms and Vishakhapatnam (Vizag) 260 kms.
Railway :- Berhampur is a Train on the EastCoast Railways.
Road :- 180 Kms from Bhubaneswar on NH-5 the site is linked by fixture bus services with all important places equivalent Bhubaneswar, Puri, Sambalpur, Rourkela, Rayagada, Phulbani, Balangiri, Koraput, etc.
Intrinsical Instrumentation :- Taxis, Auto Rickshaws and round Rickshaws.

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