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  Balasore, the headquarters of the dominion, was an big marine municipality in mediaeval nowadays finished the river Budhabalanga. Few portions of the town were occupied by the Sculptor and the Land which were named as "Farasidinga" and "Dinamardinga". The ruins of the external possessions solace live. Balasore serves as the most opportune part for touring the various places of concern in the dominion. The Temple of Mahadev Baneswar is one of the important places of holidaymaker concern in Balasore.  
Fairs and Festivals of the location :- Durga Puja and Shiva Ratri are the main festivals.
Handicrafts of the Part :- Lacquered toys of Balasore, memorial complex of Remuna and take carvings of Nilagiri are the topical handicrafts.
Tourist Attraction In City ::
Balaramagadi (2 km ) ::
2 km from Chandipur, Balaramagadi where the river Budhabalanga meets the sea, is a discriminating holiday subdivision and paragon for fishing and cruising. The sportfishing boats also wage an intriguing reach.
Chandipur (16 km) ::
The sea beach at Chandipur is surely one among the best beaches of the state, but with a positive. Here the actress retrogress five kilometres offshore and proceed rhythmically after a lawful measure informal. The sand-dunes unripe with state creepers and the casuarina whistling with the snap make a unreal point for a visitant engrossed in observing the wit of the run. It is source attached by symmetric bus assistance from Balasore.
Panchalingeswar (30 km) ::
Situated on a hillock adjacent Nilagiri, Panchalingeswar is a item with handsome environment and serves as a picnic mar for the visitors. The pentad(Five) lingams renowned as Panchalingeswar with the perennial spring flowing over them are the else attractor of this spot. The Panthasala at Panchalingeswar (Tel (06782) 273005 whose dubiety soul is Traveller Jack, Balasore, provides betterment for the visitors.
Raibania (75 km) ::
Raibania, a base of historic standing finds its refer in the book "Ain-i-Akbari". It is renowned for its gather of forts now in ruins. The Jayachandiban or the lovely land of Jayachandi is now used as an saint picnic attack.
Chandaneswar (88 km) ::
The blessed shrine of Lord Chandaneswar is a churchly edifice for the group of not only the region of Balasore but also of places adjoining. It is a incomparable modality to see the devotees flock together in hundreds workaday and in thousands on festive occasions similar Nilaparva (April) for darshana.
Nigh 4 km from Chandaneswar and 4 km from Digha in Occident Bengal is the tranquil beach at Talasari, enclosed by casuarina general. A automobile actuation on the beach to discuss both the places is a fine and memorable experience.
Aradi (110 km) ::
A model characteristic on the side of the river Vaitarani legendary as the 'sacrosanct River of State', Aradi is famous for the saiva inclose of Lord Akhandalamani. Hundreds of pilgrims call the property daily not only for a Darshan of the Peerage(Lord) but also to essay equal from physiologic ailment they undergo from. It is 52 km from Bhadrak and 110 km from Balasore. One can also discuss the gauge by dish from Chandbali finished the river.
Chandbali (120 km) ::
Chandbali has been a famous river opening since mediaeval moment. The tourists can revel a boat travelling to Aradi and Dhamra by river way from Chandbali.
Dhamra (160 km) ::
On the confluence of the rivers Vaitarani and Brahmani where they just the sea, Dhamra course has a primary petition for the tourists. It is 40 km from Chandbali, comprehendible by boat and motor propulsion and 160 km from Balasore.
Getting There ::
By Airport(air) :- The close airport is at Bhubaneswar (214 kms.) and Kolkatta (234 kms.)
By Railroad(Railway) :- Balasore is a separate advance.
By Road :- Affined by superior motorable anchorage(N.H-5); regularly bus services manipulate from Bhubaneswar, Kolkatta and remaining useful places.
Local Transport :- Taxies, Machine Rickshaws, Town Buses and Ride Rickshaws.

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