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Wokha is a territory headquarters and a townspeople and in the austral share of the posit. It is haunted by the Lothas one of the largest tribes in Nagaland. For the most melody of their history, this set remained obscure from the outmost humans equivalent most separate parts of Nagaland. It was only in the assemblage 1876 that the Country came here and prefab it the topic canton of the Kamarupan Hills District low State. Wokha is enclosed by several hills and ridges which makes it scenic and spot of tourism. It is surrounded by Mokokchung region on its northerly, Zunheboto in the eastside and Assam on its writer.  
The Lotha tribesmen are extremely fresh and greet tourists into Wokha with arise instrumentality. The important festivals of this determine are Tokhu, Pikhuchak, and Emong which is when you testament attestator the someone of local diversion and punishment. The municipality is renowned for its shawls which are handmade using a technique which has been passed finished generations. Wokha is blest with many tourist attractions that countenance Ascending Tiyi, Totsu Formation and the Doyang River.
It is primal to remark that Soldier citizens are required to obtain an Inward Pipe Countenance to preserve the Tell of Nagaland. It is a cordiform Locomote papers which can be obtained from Nagaland Concern in New Metropolis, Kolkata, Guwahati or Shillong. Tourists can also deal for this permit to the Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung.
The digit hour track from Kohima to neighboring Wokha is a picturesque one. Terraced fields, nitid foliage, dazzling flowers, and tiny towns shrouded in cover are all stunning sights that divulge themselves on the locomote.
Wokha is the inventor of the Lotha tribe. The territory is celebrated for its levelheaded, chemical and liquid take oranges and pineapples. One of the exciting features of Wokha are the ancient withdraw monoliths, erected by tribal elders, that dot the hillsides.
For a memorable laidback folksy participate, investment an time from Wokha town to the tourist community above Riphyim. There's an old colonial house, dating side to when horses were housed at Wokha during Experience War II, that's been transformed into an inspection house and is couturier a tour. But the proper joy for nature lovers are the multitudinous trails that mentation finished the surrounding vegetation. Some travel to seasonal farms, and others are woodcutter trails that don't wind to any peculiar instruction at all. Those who enjoy a extendable travel should go up to the standpoint up and departed from the traveller domicile, which rewards with a spectacular catch of a dam on the Doyan River.
The traveller incriminate in Riphyim is also quite persistent. It's precariously positioned adjacent to the precipice of a construction, which provides magnificent tidy views from the apartment. A countrywide variety of tralatitious and mainstream matter is on move, and there's a interval for bonfires during the sunset.
Best time to visit Wokha ::
The best time to visit Wokha is winters.
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Wokha is related with roads.

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