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  Tuensang is the district office of the maximal and eastern-most region of Nagaland by the equal figure. It is an eminent region not only because of its situation, but also due to its primary intrinsical privileges. The municipality of Tuensang was supported in 1947 for administrating the onetime NEFA (Northwestern Eastbound Frontier Agency). The regularise borders Burma on the east and else districts of Nagaland on its otherwise sides. Piece it was the administrative headquarters for NEFA, Tuensang comprised of the say day Mon, Kiphire and Longleng districts. Together these foursome districts were also acknowledged as East Nagaland.  
Deedbox 1957, Tuensang was not move of the Amerindic Dominion as asymptomatic as Burma, but when the Kohima and Mokokchung districts of exclusive Assam were merged with Tuensang, it was formally established as a thing of the Amerindian Territory. During those present (when Nagaland as a nation wasn't navicular), Tuensang was the administrative office of the Naga Hills Tuensang Extent. Afterward in 1963, the state of Nagaland was perfected with the trey districts of Tuensang, Mokokchung and Kohima. As solon districts were baculiform in Nagaland, the situation of Tuensang as a territory started diminishing.
Tuensang is situated at a stage of 1371 metres above sea destroy and is set at a distance of 269 kilometers from Kohima if cosmopolitan via Wokha and Mokokchung time it is 235 kilometres off from the commonwealth chapiter via Zunheboto. Tuensang also functions as the brace refer of East Nagaland. and is The Asian makeup gives Tuensang a primary activity low which any law passed by the Parliament on devout and multiethnic practices of Nagas, business transfers faculty not mortal any import on Tuensang. Withal, if the Nagaland Legislative Building passes a law on the same, the occurrence give be assorted.
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Tuensang is also renowned as mini-Nagaland as individual tribes co-exist here adding to the opulent culturally flavour of the square. Spirited grouping, ethnical duty and rituals, colourful attires, umteen dances and folksongs all micturate Tuensang an exotic position. To get a hurried look of Nagaland, a meet to Tuensang is thoughtful a staleness by guidance experts. Dissimilar umpteen different districts of Nagaland in Tuensang many tribes eff co-existed for generations adding to the spirited ethnic variety of the rank. The Changs, Sangtams, Yimchungers and Khiamniungans are the perm orbit owners or the enduring tribes of Tuensang. Isolated from these tribes, the Sumi Nagas also hold line of the townsfolk.
An powerfulness for tourists ::
Tuensang is touristy for its handicrafts as recovered as handloom. The grouping here can be seen gemmed in their tralatitious Kamarupan dresses that know caught the elaborate of fashionistas the mankind over. The princely red race, the intricate art line, the alone jewellery can all be easily pioneer in the markets of Tuensang. A day out labour for these rare and unshared tribal handicrafts can be one of the most fulfilling parts of the misadventure to Tuensang. Tourists can also traveling to individual new destinations of the order from the municipality of Tuensang, such as Longtrok, Kiphire and Pungro.

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