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  Realty of Virgin Forests and Unknown Picturesque Hills ::  
A hilly territory, Tamenglong is all hills, valleys and ranges. The attractive order of Tamenglong is one of the digit districts of State. Tamenglong is a miraculous dominion overladen of unaffected and social variety. Abode to rare orchids, virgin forests, rarified species of birds and animals, Tamenglong is also acknowledged as the Orbit of the Hornbill. Tamenglong is situated in the actress of Manipur and is bounded by Senapati regularize in the asia and solon, Churachandpur in the southland and Imphal Occident and both parts of Assam in the westmost. According to the 2011 reckoning, Tamenglong is the minimal populous order of Province.
In between the hills and ranges, miniature hamlets dot the valleys rising the faith example of the position. The topography of Tamenglong consists of sandstone, schist and shale making the dirt and rocks untoughened. The conclusion is that Tamenglong experiences rhythmical landslides.
Bio-Diversity Hub ::
Tamenglong can also be described as a bio-diversity hub as it is location to individual foreign and rarified species of birds and animals. Tourists temporary Tamenglong may get the attempt to survey hog deer, pheasants, chaotic boars, intense dogs, hyenas and leopards. Tigers acquire also been seeing in the wood covers of the order. The forest touch can be eminent into trinity types, viz., equatorial coniferous wood, bamboo brakes and sub-tropical forests.
The Zeliangrong Nagas and the Kukis make the main tribal universe of Tamenglong. There are umteen festivals illustrious here and whatever of them are Orange Festival, Rih-Ngai (Chaga Ngai), Gudui-Ngai, Banruhmei and Tarang.
Holidaymaker places in and around Tamenglong ::
River Barak and The Figure Waterfalls, Tharon hollow, Zeilad lake and Buning (N-piulong) meadow are many of the traveller places which wee Tamenglong touristry epochal.
How to reach ::
Travellers planning a trip to Tamenglong can reach the destination via air, rail and road.
Superfine indication to visit Tamenglong ::
The individual season to tour Tamenglong is after the monsoon ends, that is, from Oct to Marching. Sufficient tepid clothes should be carried for this period. Tourists can also programme a blooper during the end of summers. But the monsoons should be avoided as travelling becomes a job then.

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