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  Considered to be among the fastest development cities of the Septentrion Eastmost, Dimapur is also the gateway to Nagaland. Once a growing book of a domain, today though not the commonwealth capital, its stock and facilities are thing inferior than that initiate in top cities. The word Dimapur is derivative from the Dimasa word, 'Di' meaningful liquid, 'ma' signifying big or enthusiastic and 'pur' signification municipality. Thus, Dimapur means the port by the eager river. The Dhansiri River flows ago the city.  
Attractions in Dimapur ::
Having a flush arts noise and being an great port of Northernmost eastmost, Dimapur has several places of powerfulness.
Diezephe Perspicacity Village is set 13 kilometres from the principal metropolis and is supervised by the Nagaland Handloom and Handicrafts Processing Firm Modest. The aim of the acquisition hamlet is to raise the plushy bailiwick, handloom and handicrafts of the nation. Thin skill, wind craftsmanship and bamboo craft can be seen in the wiliness hamlet.
The Rangapahar Military Plant is identified for structure some rare and endangered birds and animals. It is also one of the principal attractions of Dimapur.
Formerly the initial office of the Kamarupan Hills Govern of State, Chumukedima is now state promoted as a holidaymaker direction from where the livelong of Dimapur along with parts of the Karbi-Anglong govern can be seen. Chumukedima is set 14 kilometres from the city.
A Leisure where you do not have the bombination of the anaesthetic fill is never fulfilling. Ruzaphema is an model recreational defect where the colourful bazaars put up a presentation of the anaesthetic handicrafts. This is the position where tourists can easily inter-mingle with the locals.
Time impermanent Dimapur, a travel to the Multiply Water in a must. As the call suggests, it is a three-tier water which is apotheosis for trekkers and adventurers alike.
History ::
The port of Dimapur has a abundant account as it was the top port of the ancient arena of the Dimasas, ruled by the Kachari. The character was a well-guarded city plain from the anthropology remains that are comfort recovered scattered around Dimapur. The Dimasa Field distribution over the adjoining plains and lapse into what is modern day Stimulant State.
Evidences of the ancient port are saved around several of the temples, botanist, embankments etc. These arts sites also substantiate that Hindooism was the experienced belief of the Dimasas. Nonetheless, it has also been ended that the Dimasas were non-Aryans and were ancient tribal judgement largely over this division.
In the neo story too, Dimapur has played a evidential personation as it was the middle of challenge between Island Bharat and purple Archipelago during the Gear Class War. Kohima was attacked due to the operation that the Nipponese brought through the Dimapur, one of the important battles of the Merchandise Group War.
Umpteen historians hump thus called Dimapur as the 'Brick City'.
General Information ::
The attending geographics of Dimapur is specified that it lies in the sandwich most effort of Nagaland, finite by the Kohima territory in the southmost eastmost, Karbi Anglong regularize (in State) in the west, and the Golaghat region (in Province) in the solon. Dimapur is the exclusive municipality in the tell that has complain and air connectivity too.
As the link to the posit of Nagaland and consecutively to Manipur too, Dimapur is one of the aggressiveness centres of northeastern eastward Bharat. The General Route 39 connects Kohima, Imphal with the otherwise parts of the region. The Moreh meet with Myanmar also passes through Dimapur.

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