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panna National park

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Panna nationalist Park is placed in Panna and Chhatarpur Domain(districts) in M.P with an expanse(place) of most 543 angulate miles (1,406 km²). The topography in Panna Nationalist Parkland is pronounceable and hard forested with numerous streams and waterfalls. The bowl is glorious worldwide for its manic cats, including tigers as surface as ruminant and antelope. Due to its closeness to one of the best-known Soldier tourist magnet in Bharat, Khajuraho, the parkland is acknowledged as an intoxicating stop-over instruction. Panna Mortal Explorer(park) is also referred to as a Individual Stockpile since it comes low the aegis of Cast Individual in Bharat. The decrease of soul accumulation in Panna has been according various times, thus two person tigers were relocated there from Bandhavgarh Nationalist Explorer and Kanha Human Park in District 2009. The tigress, translocated from Bandhavgarh, gave change to troika cubs in April 2010. The tigress, translocated from Kanha, gave birth to two cubs various months subsequent(later).  
  Panna as a area is also popular for its field(diamond) industry.
The climate of the location is hot. In summers one has the large quantity of encountering the animals of this commons(park). Winters are arctic(cold) and homelike and the temperature mostly remains between 15°C to 25°C. Monsoon comes in July and continues soil mid-September.
Among the animals found here are the chital, the chinkara, the sambhar and the indisposition create. It is also a individual reticence. The tract is internal to many than 200 species of birds including the Bar-headed Goose, the Honey Cathartid, the Reverend(king) Vulture and the Blossom-headed Parakeet.
Along with the Tiger the cat, disorderly dog, womaniser, hyaena, catamount and separate litile cats are seen here. Reluctance bear has his most favourite institution in the stone escarpments and undisturbed vales. The scrabbly areas are dotted with deer, the maximal of Indian deers, chital and chowsingha. Antelope and chinkara are easily seen in the most unstoppered areas in the grasslands, specially on the edge.
Good Season to tour Panna Nationalist Park :::
February to June although chilly season (October to Feb) is more solon comforted and relieve very advantageous for wildlife. The green is nonopening from July 01 to Oct 01 because of the monsoon.
Park Trip Timings :::
1. 15 November to 15 February - Sunrise to 12.00 noonday and 3.00 pm to Hour.
2. 16 February to 30 April - Sunrise to 1200 noontide and 4.00 pm to Hour.
3. 1 May to 30 June - Sunrise to 11.00 am and 5.00 pm to Sunset.
How to Make Panna Nationalist Park ::
By Airport ::- Khajuraho at 37 -kms is the closest aerodrome Linked direct with Panna.
By Railroad ::- Satna, at a langth of around 90 km, is the nearest railway place. It is a leading track hub and is neighboring to umteen places in medial and western Bharat.
By Road ::- Kanha Soul Green is coupled by moving with Khajuraho-37 kms and different places of Madhya Pradesh.

Location :- Home >> panna >> Madhya pradesh, India
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