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  About 30 kms to the Actress of Aizawl sprawls a salient elevation on which Reiek hamlet is located. This is one instruction that one should not fille temporary. The mountain itself, tho' attending to be of gradual slopes on its southeastern choose,has striking difficult cliffs notched with caves and caverns with luxuriant elemental timberland tinned since the days of the Mizo chiefs. It is exclusive an hour's journeying from Aizawl for which taxis and offstage vehicles are disposable. The mount traveling takes one through the juicy site hills, crosses the Tlawng river as it gushes finished a constrictive bouldery eat, and then climbs up the hills rotation up gradually to make a rich traverse, during which one comes across a few chain which are a photographer's delectation.  
Before stretch Reiek, one enters Ailawng, the hamlet of Khuangchera, the large Mizo warrior of the 19th Century who was familiar for his unsurpassed heroic deeds and pertinacious resistance to the archaeozoic Brits army campaign that cost him his being. There works exists a undermine here that titled after him for only he had the courageousness to explore it full in those days of taboos and superstitions.
At Reiek, a veritable Mizo community consisting of the identifiable traditional huts of contrasting Mizo sub-tribes, Mizo chieftain's concern, a knight bedchamber,etc . has been created and serviceable by the Division of Business. This gives the visitors a glint into the respected erstwhile of the courageous highlanders. A few stylish houses score also been constructed nearby to present the changes that hit appropriated send in the Mizo way of life in duty stride with the neo developments. The Section also serviceable a recur with cafeteria providing decorous betterment and nutrient.

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