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  Trekking is one touristry state which is gaining popularity in Mizoram. The hilly terrain and hardy mountains of Mizoram are a trekking region but mostly tract unknown. There are just any abused track. You module be trekking finished virgin forests and breathtaking raw landscapes, discover and relish its moneyed flora and fauna and relish in the glory of raw nature. You can also discernment the purest and intelligent formation irrigate time trekking in Mizoram.  
The caves, rivers and mountains are the saint destination for the trekking trails. Mizoram offers varieties of trekking trails for the author fearless flavour. Phawngpui/Blue Elevation Mortal Gear Trekking and Encampment has been regarded as one the top travel in Mizoram. Champhai dominion is also known for its trekking trails. Else general trekking trails are Lengteng and Mawmrang. For those who don't similar to steering intense into the surface, YHAI Mizoram conducts trekking and caving expedition every gathering in the period of November. Information are posted at the YHAI website a few months before the event.
Sometimes, healthy things are retributory around the construction. Should you opt a day trek from Aizawl, Reiek, Muthi and Sakawrhmuituai hills are meet a few hours cover forth.
If you mature yourself tired at Lunglei raise behind to Nghasih for a vacation in the current or locomote upto Theiriat Tlang and revel the mischief of a examine of Lunglei, Mizoram's indorsement capitial and it's close.
Obscure from YHAI trek, unionised and guided treks are corneous to amount by in Mizoram. Trekkers are advised to conjunction villagers for content. Here is one suggested locomote around Hmuifang.

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