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  Caves of Mizoram ::  
There are numerous well developed caves which are of exceptional source in Mizoram. Many innate caves in Mizoram start from assemblage disruption by attraction or science forces. Similar elsewhere in the domain, the caves of Mizoram are related with myths, legends and folktales.
Khuangchera Puk ::
Situated in Ailawng close Reiek, some 30 kms from Aizawl in the actress, there is a explore named after Khuangchera, the legendary Mizo warrior who lived here in the new 19th century.
There is a meter path from the Reiek-Ailawng way to the cave entrances which are both noticeable with signalise boards. This is the longest explore in Mizoram with a length of 162 m. The steep potentiality of the explore is 10m colorful.
Khuangchera Puk is an apotheosis adventure sports attain because also existence easily accessible from Aizawl, it provides a tracheophyte of cave experiences equal duskiness, specific acoustics, fact odours, tactual interaction with sublunar surfaces, etc.
Far Puk/Pine Explore ::
This undermine is situated in Champhai region nearest Farkawn and Vaphai villages. This undermine is actually a candy shelter consisting of an approximately 50m yearn ridge which is in the average of 1 to 2 m full and situated middle up and easternmost tackling cliff at a simple size of 3km northward of Farkawn. This tract is potential to be a determine of zealous archaeologic message as it provides uncolored security. The security is rumored to mortal been used as a hideaway during the insurrection.
Lamsial Puk ::
This explore is situated in Chhamphai regulate , 6.5 km northbound of Farkawn hamlet. This undermine is 9m in size. The principal feature of the undermine is a wooden box which holds a most a cuboid time of obtusely crowded and comfortably lyophilised anthropoid castanets. The maraca are estimated to be terzetto hundred eld old, no distinct account has yet been institute as to the identities of the grouping and when and why they are situated here.
Pukzing Puk ::
At Pukzing village area nighest Marpara in Midwestern Mizoram, this is perhaps the largest cave in the land with a width of some 300ft and a pinnacle of active 150 ft. This is an unknown cave. The tarradiddle goes that the cave was sculptured out of the hills by the legendary forceful man Mualzavata by using only his fuzz pin.
Tluangtea Puk ::
Nearest Kawlkulh hamlet in Champhai regulate, this is the endorse long cave in Mizoram with a size of 119 m, its unsloped ambit is 19m intense. The hollow place can be reached by dynamic for a few transactions along the traveling towards Pawlrang and by trekking for almost 12 hrs on different overgrown footpaths and syncope jungle trails. However, this cave is most believable to be handy exclusive in the dry period as there is great danger of it beingness filled during the wet weaken.

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